Foot reflexology for anxiety

Foot reflexology for anxiety

By intervening on the reflex zones of the foot, foot reflexology solves the symptom by acting on the entire body-mind system. Used against anxiety, it brings immediate and lasting benefits.

Foot reflexology for anxiety

How foot reflexology works

Foot reflexology works on the foot to rebalance both body and mind. Its fundamental principle lies in the fact that the body is reflected, specularly, on the sole and the back of the feet : organs, bones , muscles , each part (large or small) has its counterpart in the feet.

By acting on the reflex zones of the foot, the corresponding body area is indirectly stimulated and, in particular in holistic foot reflexology , also its emotional and mental energetic function , as indicated by traditional Chinese medicine and analogical medicine .


Anxiety and foot reflexology: why it works

Anxiety is an emotional state that causes fear, discomfort, mental brooding, worry. It can also have repercussions on the physical level, with tachycardia, excessive sweating, appetite and sleep-wake cycle disorders, up to hormonal disturbances. Over time, anxiety can lead to depression and contribute to the onset of many diseases.

It is characterized by a tension in the solar plexus , an area in which stress and restlessness are concentrated. The solar plexus, in turn, by function and location, involves the respiratory system , heart and circulation.

Breathing is the focus of anxiety and acute anxiety states, both transient and chronic. The first benefit of a treatment centered on the solar plexus and diaphragm is to re-establish a good respiratory rhythm and good oxygenation. This allows you to clarify ideas, calming extreme and uncontrolled moods . Already breathing better and unblocking the diaphragmatic muscle thus relieves anxiety.

In general, any foot massage , if performed with respect, causes a sense of overall well-being and relaxation , thanks to the numerous nerve endings that branch off from the foot to distal muscles and organs.


How to perform a foot self-massage

For those who choose to perform  a foot self-massage , locating the solar plexus area is simple. Standing up, they observe their feet and imagine themselves reflected on the sole and on the back as in a mirror.

For those suffering from anxiety, the specific area to be treated is located on the sole of the foot , on the metatarsal-phalangeal joint of the second toe. To find it, just gently push the second toe towards the back of the foot: the protruding part of flesh locates the epicenter of the diaphragm.

For the respiratory system, it is the dorsum of the foot , in the pits that form between one metatarsal and the other. The pressures must be gradual , respecting the response of the foot.

Self-treatment can be useful as first aid or even as a prevention if stressful situations are about to arise.


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Foot reflexology for anxiety: operators, costs and opinions

If, on the other hand, one intends to deepen the work on oneself and resolve the anxiety at the root, it is necessary to turn to operators who have received adequate training . 

reflexology treatment that includes both a first part of listening to the messages of the foot, and therefore an investigation of the real causes that led to the imbalance, and a final part of the treatment of the foot (back and sole) has a duration of not less than 45 minutes .

The collection of data starting from the palpation of the reflex zones is as important as the actual treatment. In fact, only by getting to know what the body spontaneously manifests can we come to understand the origin of the imbalance that generates anxiety .

Usually, the cost of a complete 60-minute treatment is around 50-80 euros.

Opinions about foot reflexology are always positive if you approach this technique with the intention of knowing something more about yourself , about the functioning of your body and the body-mind-emotions link.

Reflexology treats the human being as a whole , therefore it allows the person to take responsibility for himself and his behavior. At the center of attention is never the single symptom , but the person who manifested the discomfort.


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