Dr. Kresser’s paleo slimming diet menu

Dr. Kresser’s paleo slimming diet menu

More satiating than a Mediterranean diet and a low-fat diet, the Paleo weight loss diet proposed by Dr. Chris Kresser, one of the best-known doctors specializing in paleo and natural diets and author of the book The Paleo Cure , is a regimen designed for make you lose weight in a natural way. The paleo slimming diet acts on the sense of satiety of foods and their integrity (whole food diet).

The difference between Dr. Kresser’s paleo weight loss diet compared to a traditional paleo diet is that even non-paleo foods are allowed in moderation.
However, it is advisable to eat it in small quantities, and for the rest to stick to the principles of the paleodieta.
Which are the following.

  • No cereals (nor false cereals such as quinoa) and consequently all products made from cereals (flour, bread, pasta).
  • No to milk, dairy products and cheeses.
  • No beer, no legumes including peanuts, no potatoes, no sausages.
  • Aside from honey, malt or molasses or natural sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol, no sugar and no products with added sugar can be consumed.

You eat everything else. That is tubers and roots of various types for carbohydrates, meat, eggs, fish, seeds and oilseed flours (almond flour, pistachio flour), chestnut flour, plantains, olives, oil, butter, ghee, coconut oil, cocoa, vegetable coconut milk, hazelnut, hemp or almond, fruit and vegetables.
Let’s see how it works.



  1. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner must be combined with the paleo-style healthy plate rule.

    You choose a protein food as the basis of the dish (eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner with meat or fish).
    Then fruit or vegetables are added for half of the dish, a little seasoning fat and a part of complex carbohydrates. For example from sweet potatoes or plantains.

  2. Eat the simplest way possible .

    No elaborate recipes. Dr. Kresser explains that to really lose weight you also need to avoid those products approved by Paleo which however are not simple and natural foods. For example paleo bars, paleo pasta (usually with sesame or sunflower flour), packaged paleo sweets and so on.
    In fact, these foods are rich in calories and do not allow us to follow the true spirit of the paleodiet: that is, to eat a diet closer to primitive man.

  3. Choose your carbohydrate dose for weight loss.

    Those who are sedentary will tend to have a tight low carb, that is, taking 7 to 15% of daily calories in the form of carbohydrates, which means limiting themselves to a lot of vegetables and a fruit and for the rest eating only protein or fat foods. Instead, those who do moderate physical activity can eat 15 to 30% of daily calories from carbohydrates, thus reaching a moderate low carb.

    Starting from this assumption, use a calorie counter app set to your correct calorie deficit to lose weight, but don’t be drastic and don’t exceed a deficit of 500 calories per day. Try this calorie counter to get an idea of ​​how much to eat. 

  4. Focus on food quality and indulge in 10-20% non-Paleo food diet.

    A slice of bread once a week, or a 20-gram piece of cheese two or three times a week does not negate the whole diet. The important thing is that for most of the time you follow a paleo diet, and that in particular the protein sources (meat, fish, eggs) are not from intensive farming.


Let’s see the menu of the paleo slimming diet for a sedentary woman who wants to lose a kilo a week.

Breakfast. Two medium-sized organic eggs with a spoonful of red fruits and a little butter, unsweetened coffee or tea.
Alternatively, cocoa milkshake obtained by blending 100 grams of avocado, 10 grams of bitter cocoa, stevia or erythritol, half a glass of almond milk with no added sugar.

Snack . Raw vegetables + 3-4 almonds.

Lunch and dinner . A 120-150 gram slice of meat or fish (or alternatively shrimp tails, octopus), free portion of cooked vegetables with 1-2 teaspoons of oil or butter. 100 grams of low-sugar fruit such as kiwifruit, oranges, grapefruit or blueberries. As an alternative to fruit: 120 grams of sweet potatoes.
Once a week, 40-50 grams of basmati or wholemeal rice or 120 grams of normal potatoes is also good.

Snack. 10 almonds or 200 ml of hazelnut milk.

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