He can lose 70 kilos in 3 years with the 80/20 method

He can lose 70 kilos in 3 years with the 80/20 method

From the series who goes slow goes healthy and far, this story proves that even when there is a lot of weight to lose it is better to do it little by little, and not drastically . Despite the success of programs like The Biggest Loser or Vite al Limite, crash diets can be a bad idea for most people. Some nutritionists recommend fast and drastic diets in exceptional cases, other doctors speak of “motivation” to the diet, so the sooner you lose a large part of the weight the better, as suggested some time ago by this Australian study on a sample of over two hundred obese .

Still, the case of Katie Bolden is in my opinion exemplary for all those who see a crash diet as the only solution to their extra pounds. This woman and mother managed to lose 70 kilos in 3 years, transforming her physique with diet and exercise, despite the fact that she suffered from various health problems : polycystic ovary, angina and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Plus a newborn baby who had added extra pounds to her figure.
All this has not stopped Katie, who in 3 years has managed to lose 70 kilos following the 80/20 method , which I have already told you about here and here . But what does 80/20 mean and how did Katie lose weight

We assume that to make a diet the first thing you need is consistency. But how hard it is to be constant if we don’t know how to say no to certain foods, especially if we have the impression that dieting is equivalent to saying goodbye to them forever, more or less.
The 80/20 method explains this:
 Eat eighty percent more naturally and in keeping with your diet, treat yourself to 20 percent calories. Katie translated this concept to herself this way: for six days a week she excluded snacks, sweets, industrial products of all kinds, instead eating vegetables, fruits, legumes, meat, fish, eggs, healthy sources of fats. On the seventh day, she allowed herself a free meal every week.
Obviously this method alone is not enough. Katie also used a calorie counter app to figure out how much and how she was eating, and joined the gym and mixed the activities she loved most (walking, swimming) with those less attractive to her (weight lifting, running) to motivate herself every day. day.
And the results are evident: in this way she managed to lose 70 kilos in 3 years, and even to go on stage to show her transformation. You can follow Katie here

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