Dr. Ian Smith’s 4-day detox diet: lose 5 kg like this

Dr. Ian Smith’s 4-day detox diet: lose 5 kg like this

And let’s go back to Dr. Ian Smith , doctor, trainer and bestselling author I already talked about in this article, showing you his seven-day detox method based on small meals.

His 4-day detox diet is famous , a fast regimen that includes steps: the first 4 days of actual detox, a detoxifying period to immediately lose the first pounds and deflate (induction method). Then the diet expands to more foods, moving on to the second phase of 4 days (transition method) and a third phase in which you adjust with more snacks and a few snacks, and which is valid for losing weight slowly, without sacrifices.

The next 3 steps add more food. In all, up to 5 kilos are lost.

Dr. Smith’s 4-day detox diet is simple to do . A series of foods are listed that can then be freely associated with each other, the important thing is to eat only those in 24 hours.
Let’s see step by step how to do this 4-day detox diet.


  • The first 4 days: induction method.

  • Rules: half an hour of activity at least 3 days out of 4, and drink six large glasses of water. (Simplified menu)
    Allowed foods:
  • two bitter coffees
  • 2 portions of fully skimmed yogurt or skimmed Greek yogurt (max 170 gr)
  • up to 3/4 portions of fruit of about 100/150 gr
  • more portions of vegetables of your choice between green leafy vegetables and vegetables (at least 400 gr), also in soup or with vegetable broth
  • a portion (200 gr cooked) of brown rice
  • a portion (200 gr from boiled) of beans or lentils or peas or chickpeas (or alternatively: two scrambled eggs)
  • condiments reduced to a minimum: a teaspoon of oil per meal.
    Integration: 10 g of psyllium powder.


    Breakfast: a coffee + a skimmed Greek yogurt with 2 teaspoons of psyllium powder and 100 grams of fruit of your choice
    . Snack: 150 grams of fruit + a bitter coffee.
    Lunch and dinner: 100 grams of brown rice weighed when cooked with 3 tablespoons of boiled legumes of your choice or an egg and a portion of vegetables with a teaspoon of oil. Alternatively: 200 grams of brown rice with vegetables and a teaspoon of oil for lunch (weighed cooked rice), mixed salad for dinner with 200 grams of boiled legumes or two eggs and a teaspoon of oil.
    Snack: a skimmed Greek yogurt + 100 grams of fruit.

In the following 4 days, we move on to the transition phase. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO )

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