Dr. Ax’s Keto diet to lose 8 kg per month

Dr. Ax’s Keto diet to lose 8 kg per month

Doctor Josh Ax, a very famous nutritionist and naturopath in America, finally lands in Italy, thanks to the book “Keto. The diet to burn fat, reset the metabolism, strengthen the metabolism and reduce the risk of disease “, published at the end of September by the Sonzogno publishing house.

On Dcomedieta I had already told you about Dr. Ax and his 4-week plan to reduce sugars.

In his new book, “Keto”, Dr. Ax tackles the ketogenic diet, a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in good fats that Ax has been following in a more natural way for years now, together with his family.

Josh Ax is in fact one of the leading ketogenic diet experts in the United States… but beware!


Unlike many proponents of the ketogenic diet, Dr. Ax takes a holistic approach to nutrition, which has allowed him to heal many patients in his clinic and allow them to stay healthy forever.

For years he has been interested in not only finding a diet to make his patients lose weight, but re-educating them to a healthy diet that also includes naturopathy and a better lifestyle, starting from how our ancestors ate.

Unlike many books that you can read and that I have read for you, Dr. Ax’s Keto diet deals with food from an evolutionary and biological point of view, and uses the ketogenic diet as a path to healing from inflammation, diseases. of modern man, hormonal imbalance.


The Keto diet of dr Ax is a journey in stages , with variations even for those who are vegan and with all the tips for following a ketogenic diet without errors. Let it be clear, however, that for Ax it is important to choose this path for life, and not just to lose weight.

For example, Dr. Ax’s diet is ketogenic, but also made up of natural foods, not industrial ones.
So compared to normal low carb or ketogenic diets, here we have much more vegetables, meat and fish from non-intensive farming, nutrient-rich foods such as almonds or avocados … and not mayonnaise and bacon.
Personally, I disagree with the ketogenic diet as a long-term choice, but for those who want to try this approach, I would definitely recommend Dr. Ax’s over many others. Why he is a doctor and why he uses this approach in his clinical practice.
Let’s see the diet in detail on page two

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