The real caveman diet causes you to lose 3 kg and a half

The real caveman diet causes you to lose 3 kg and a half

The real caveman diet?
It has nothing to do with the Paleo diet , but with the time of food intake.
According to a group of researchers who conducted a study on 60 obese participants, in fact, the secret to losing weight lies not in the type of foods we eat or in the calories, but in eating as primitive men did.

That is: to make short fasts alternating with periods in which you eat to your fill.


Man has survived for centuries by altering periods of food scarcity to periods of abundance, ever since he was a hunter-gatherer.
Therefore, he is biologically set up to survive famines and then eat a lot when he had the opportunity, while on the contrary he is not programmed to live with food always available.

Having abandoned this dietary model could explain the reason for the growing obesity in industrialized countries .
In fact, today we are used to eating frequently, at any time.

But from the appearance of man on Earth until a century or two ago, when people still fasted for religious reasons or according to the seasonality of crops or as a result of wars and famines, man ate only when he had the opportunity.

To prove this theory, a group of scientists from the University of Graz in Austri subjected 60 overweight people to an experiment, making them eat everything they wanted for 12 consecutive hours, followed by 36 hours of fasting.

The experiment lasted 6 months, and the average weight lost among the participants was 3.5 kg per month.

There were no changes in the immune and metabolic levels, which supports the scientists’ thesis that humans are programmed to eat and fast rather than have regular meals every day.

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