Dcomedieta’s diet: how I lost 30 kilos

Dcomedieta’s diet: how I lost 30 kilos

Many people ask me what diet I did to lose weight and today after years I have decided to satisfy you.
In short, the diet of Dcomedieta.

As some of you know, at the age of ten I weighed a whopping 84 kilos and about five feet tall .
In height I have not increased much, since now, at nearly forty, I am five and a half meters tall, the same height as I was at about twenty. Why I weighed so much was not clear to anyone.
Up to eight years I was a normal weight child.
Then, in the infant stage known as the ” Obesity Rebound ” I suddenly grew both in height and body weight.
In the picture you see I was nine and well, I was still gaining weight. The other photo is from last year.
Along with the excess weight came many health problems.

I wasn’t in good shape, but I suspect the problem in my case was hormonal. My mother took me to various doctors, but she was convinced that the problem was that I ate too much, which is a bit strange considering that before I got fat I ate normally, that I did gymnastics and that like any child of my age before the internet age , I spent a lot of time outside the home, playing and running like other children.

No doctor, not even the pediatrician, considered my age suitable for starting a diet.
They were right, but still I was in a lot of pain from my weight, so when I was ten I told my mother that if the doctors couldn’t help me by giving me a diet and if she felt the same way, I would go it alone.

My mother, seeing how much I was suffering from the weight, told me that she would cooperate.

Today I will explain to you exactly how I did to lose 30 pounds.
In short. Dcomedieta’s diet.

The first ingredient, the essential one, I would say, was motivation .
In fact, my average weight loss was just 2-3 kilos per month. So it took me a full year to lose most of the weight.

Dcomedieta’s diet: how I lost 30 kilos

First of all, I bought myself, not to be underestimated, a jump rope.
That year I had dropped out of gymnastics because my teacher had clearly told me I was too fat.
You never forget certain humiliations.
So I bought a jump rope.

I started jumping rope for an hour in the morning and an hour and a half or two in the afternoon, taking a few minutes off.

Second, I thought of a vegetable that I liked and that I could eat in abundance to keep myself satisfied during meals.
In my case it was spinach. My mom bought me a pound of frozen spinach every single day.

For breakfast I drank a latte with semi-skimmed milk and a teaspoon of sugar, plus three small biscuits.
Then I jumped rope.
For lunch I started with half a kilo of frozen spinach with a level teaspoon of butter and one of grated cheese.
A small 50-gram sandwich and a hard-boiled egg.
I had a snack with a fruit and then I would stand out the rope.
For dinner , always the same spinach, the same sandwich and a slice of veal or roast chicken (I didn’t like fish at the time).
I allowed myself freedom only on Sundays (my mother imposed it on me), apart from this, as you can see, it was a very monotonous diet .

I have never regained that weight, and consider that at fourteen I ate really a lot. I kept my weight under control for a year after losing weight, then my metabolism went up. You want it because I was young, you want it because it was my first diet and until I was twenty I didn’t do any other. So at twenty you were fat? No, I became bulimic.
After that, from about 33 years old, I stopped doing diets, if not for a week or two at the most, after the holidays or the like. Today my weight is stable at around 53 kilos, it all depends on how much physical activity I do.
When I wasn’t exercising, I weighed 51 kilos. But I would never give up on physical activity.
On page two, I’ll explain what I learned from my first, and most effective, diet. 

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