Does the fast diet work more

Does the fast diet work more

rapidweightlossThe news of an Australian research that examined a small sample of 200 people suffering from obesity and that after the results made newspapers around the world proclaim this cheap conclusion : a drastic and fast diet that makes you lose weight quickly. it works more than a balanced diet that causes slow weight loss . Now, if I were not SURE that this is a lie, I would be much less pissed off with both newspapers summarizing research and arriving at who knows what conclusions, than with researchers trying to get results by forcing statistics with ridiculous population samples. purpose is unknown, since they do not prove an accident, but at the most they cause misinformation. But let’s get to the study: One hundred obese people (who have never or almost never dieted in their lives) have been put on a fast diet, where a fast diet is a twelve week diet, not a five or six day diet. Twelve weeks is three months . Three months is a period for an average diet, so we assume that researchers have ruled out a diet of less than three months , whereas most people mean a one to two week diet by fast diet. After the first mistake, we go to the second: both some people in the first sample and those in the second, who ate a 36-week diet, gained weight in equal times, and those who dieted for three months were less likely to regain weight, butby a few percentage points . It is not known how the diet was made and what weight we are talking about, given the ease of weight loss of obese people and the problem of the plateau, the stall that generally occurs after three months, this is not known either.
But as we quickly understand, this research does not encourage fast and drastic diets at all , unlike what the newspapers say, since it considered one of three months versus one of nine.

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