Famous diets, pros and cons

Famous diets, pros and cons

dietabubuAn article that appeared in the Telepraph examined the most famous diets of recent years, quickly analyzing their pros and cons: under the magnifying glass of a journalist , the Atkins diet, the Fast 5: 2 diet, the diet to Weight Watchers points, the Dukan diet, the Paleo diet and the Alkaline diet , quickly evaluating their advantages and disadvantages. I also added the Supermetabolism diet !
These are the results:
– Fast diet or intermittent fasting:  says that you can eat normally for five days and for two you must not exceed a ceiling of 500/600 calories for women / men. Easy to do, the problem is not to overstretch during the five days in which you should eat normally but not to cheat by eating more and survive the two low-calorie days that I assure you, exhaust you.
– Dukan diet: it is a high-protein diet without fat, which has the advantage of making you lose weight faster, the disadvantage of giving you health problems as big as a house due to the absence of carbohydrates, including fruit. From bad breath to bone demineralization, nausea, insomnia, constipation, etc

– Paleo diet:go back to eating like the Paleolithic man saying goodbye to dairy products, carbohydrates and sweets (apart from fruits, vegetables, potatoes, nuts and seeds), processed products (no butter), and opening his arms wide to eggs, meat and fish in abundance . Benefits: Encourages eating natural and non-industrial and refined foods, which is great. Disadvantages: the massive consumption of meat and severe food shortages that experts have not yet studied in the long term.
– Atkins diet: similar to Dukan but less rigid on the subject of fats, therefore green light also to meats and cheeses, butter and mayonnaise. Which makes you lose weight quickly but adds to Dukan’s problems with high cholesterol.
– Alkaline diet:based on far-fetched theories (it is not the only one that is based on fried air, see the Paleo), the alkaline diet includes a large amount of vegetable proteins, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, while one should not eat animal proteins , drinking coffee or alcohol that acidify the body. It’s not a bad diet, it’s the only healthful diet we’ve seen so far. But it is severe, because even here entire categories of foods are eliminated. In addition, it is difficult to have the right amount of daily protein.
– Weight Watchers Diet:like any point diet you eat what you want, but you eat low-calorie, so the rule of “a little bit of everything” applies. Advantages: it is boring, tired, it is often abandoned. Furthermore, being low-calorie, with little attention to physical exercise, it creates a possible resistance to weight loss in the long term (plateau effect).
– Supermetabolism diet:includes two days of carbohydrates, white protein, zero fat, fruits and vegetables, two days of protein and vegetables and three days of protein, vegetables or fat with some banned substances such as wheat, corn, coffee, dairy and cheese, etc. Advantages: educates to more varied and healthy eating to awaken the metabolism; disadvantages: beyond the slogan, you do not eat your fill, it is difficult to follow and stay fat-free for four days and balanced “block” eating (one day carbohydrates, one protein) leads to constipation and bloating not to laugh at.

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