Fiber in the diet, friends of the line

Fiber in the diet, friends of the line

fruits and vegetablesWhy are fiber in the diet important, indeed very important, to stay fit?  In this article I want to list some unsuspected properties of fibers, which do not only concern intestinal regularity. We all know that fibers improve our intestinal regularity , the well-being of our intestinal flora and therefore promote digestion, as well as improve the sense of satiety. In short, thanks to the fibers we eat less and dispose of more quickly. This in practice translates into greater metabolic efficiency, a small detail to which not everyone gives the right importance. Yes, a diet based on fiber allows for an increase in metabolism, compared to a diet that is low in fiber. The important thing is to drink enough water to allow intestinal regularity.
Let’s see the other advantages. As this article says , a high-fiber diet reduces the risk of many types of bowel cancer and “corrects” the harmfulness of animal proteins; but research has also shown that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular health problems by about 40 percent . In short, fiber in the diet would also be good for the heart and circulation . But it doesn’t end there.

Fiber is useful in reducing the absorption of both sugars and fats. In addition, carbohydrates with a high percentage of fiber need more energy and work on the part of our body to be digested. This means, greater energy expenditure!
And so we return to the topic of weight loss. Finally, as you know, fibers are divided into soluble and insoluble: making a distinction between the two does not make too much sense; on the one hand, the soluble ones (nuts, legumes) slow down digestion and satiate longer; on the other hand, the insoluble ones cleanse the colon and obviously improve to cleanse themselves of impurities through the intestine.
The ideal is to prefer foods that have both: for this reasoneating wholemeal, eating legumes and eating fruit and vegetables allow us through the role of fibers to clean up our intestines, improve our regularity, absorb less sugars and thus decrease the glycemic load of our meal (do you want a plate of french fries? a small steak and a large plate of salad and they won’t make you fat, eat alone yes: strange, right?). And remember the liquids: for a fiber-based diet to make us lose weight and improve our “food hygiene” and our health, it is necessary to drink a lot of water

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