Do lectins make you fat?

Do lectins make you fat?

Do lectins make you fat? Am I the new gluten? As I write to you, the anti-lectin diet goes crazy abroad, a diet that, according to some experts, would reduce intestinal inflammation, bloated stomach and diseases related to intestinal problems. According to Dr. Gundry, cardiologist and author of the book ” Tle Plant Paradox ” (or “The paradox of the plant”, still not translated in Italy), the lectins contained in some foods are responsible for intestinal problems, water retention and problems of health and overweight of thousands of people, being present in many apparently healthy foods.

But what exactly are lectins? Have you ever heard of the “antinutrients” found in legumes, fruit, vegetables and cereals?
Have you ever tried to eat legumes and whole grains, or a lot of raw vegetables, and then felt weighed down rather than lighter? Well, lectins are antinutrients, that is substances that reduce the absorption of some nutrients in the body, and in particular they are a family of proteins present in nature in vegetables, legumes and cereals, but also in products of animal origin. albeit to a lesser extent. In fact, there are several forms of lectins

(about a dozen), and for example gluten is among them: lectins are found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, gluten-free products with rice / corn flour, nuts and seeds. In large part, lectins are found in plant-based products, hence the title of Dr. Gundry’s book, which wonders: Is a plant-based diet really as healthy as we think? Do legumes promote weight loss? What about whole grains?
What if the healthy, plant-based diet has more disadvantages than health benefits?

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