Dimavis, the slimming and purifying supplement

Dimavis, the slimming and purifying supplement

It’s called Dimavis, and it’s a new slimming supplement that acts as a liver purifier, with a draining and rebalancing action of the bacterial flora. Produced by the EtaPharma company, this supplement intrigued me. So I went to look for you the list of ingredients, the studies published by the company and other studies that confirm the research.

This time around, and you know how critical I am about these products, I see a good chance the product will work especially if you have the following health issues.

Liver problems, with altered transaminases and risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; polycystic ovary syndrome; cellulite; overweight from poor eating habits and digestive bloating.

Let’s be clear though: the Dimavis slimming supplement works if we also follow a low-calorie diet, that is, it increases the weight loss results. On its own it can work especially in cases one and two, as long as you keep food excesses under control.

Let’s see how.


Dimavis contains the following ingredients: artichoke, desmodium and cardio marian extract, three plants useful for liver detoxification and to reduce swelling; myo-inositol and vitamin C, two vitamins that fight free radicals, the former often used in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome and high blood sugar, because it lowers blood sugar and fights insulin problems but also hyperandrogenism in women; selenium, which naturally helps the thyroid gland (without side effects); and finally zinc and vitamin B12. Both of these elements promote a better metabolism giving us more energy.
Are there any side effects?

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