Weight loss diet without quantity limits: via 5 kg per month

Weight loss diet without quantity limits: via 5 kg per month

The weight loss diet without quantity limits is a very simple diet to follow, ideal for all people who need to lose weight but suffer from calculating portions and calories. And maybe they don’t even have much time to spend in the kitchen. It should be followed from Monday to Sunday for two weeks.
From the third week on, Sunday has a freer pattern.

The unlimited weight loss diet can be continued for 4 weeks and then repeated for another 4 weeks. Therefore it is an ideal diet if you want to lose 10 kilos. Next there is an easy maintenance plan.

The diet comes from the ” Leptin Diet ” of Scott Isacs, an endocrinologist who invented a method to eat full and lose weight.


  • For the first two weeks, the plan must be followed every day.
    There are no snacks on this diet, but if you feel hungry you can eat cucumbers, raw celery or raw fennel.
    Spices, ketchup, herbs, mustard and lemon juice are all to taste.
  • The fact that the diet has no limits on quantity does not mean eating until you feel bad or getting up with a very full stomach. Let’s get up from the table when we are full but not full!
  • Apart from water and herbal teas with stevia or other sweetener, there are no other drinks except where specified. It is recommended to drink up to 10 glasses of water between meals and salt in moderation.
  • Monday

  • Breakfast. 
    A fruit of your choice + a skimmed Greek yogurt or soy yogurt with a teaspoon of honey or malt and cinnamon. Sugar-free coffee or tea of ​​your choice.
  • Lunch.
    Corona beans or boiled sponge beans (in a jar) with grated raw carrots, lemon juice, salt, pepper.
  • Dinner
    Egg whites and courgettes omelette with a teaspoon of oil.
    For vegans: sautéed zucchini with a teaspoon of oil and then au gratin in the oven at 170 ° with two teaspoons of oat germ and one of linseed.
    A small fruit of your choice.
  • Tuesday

    Choice of two fruits + a glass of skimmed milk (also delactosed) or soy with no added sugar. Sugar-free coffee or tea of ​​your choice.
    Grilled chicken breast with mixed flavorings (alternatively turkey breast). Stir-fried mushrooms with a teaspoon of oil. For vegans: Taifun brand velvety tofu, or Clearspring Organic Tofu Silken or Demeter silk tofu.
    Sautéed dinner
    of clams or mussels, boiled and baked asparagus with an emulsion of a tablespoon of wine or lemon juice, a teaspoon of oil, salt and pepper. For vegans: half an avocado with lemon juice and a hint of mustard, salt and pepper + asparagus. Instead of asparagus: radicchio or spinach.

  • Wednesday

    Cooked apples or pears or cooked plums with cinnamon or fresh kiwifruit + unsweetened coffee or tea.
    Natural tuna with tomatoes and a teaspoon of oil. For vegans: replace the tuna with fresh broad beans, peeled, washed and chopped boiled lupins or edamame green beans.
    Stir-fried shrimp tails with lemon juice + baked pumpkin with herbs. For vegans or as a substitute: replace the shrimp tails with fresh or frozen spring peas. Instead of pumpkin: coppery onions.
    200 ml of orange, grapefruit or pineapple juice with no added sugar.

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