Adriana Lima’s diet (or how to sacrifice yourself forever

Adriana Lima’s diet (or how to sacrifice yourself forever

The famous model Adriana Lima has always had a slim physique and loves to play sports. She recently said goodbye to the Victoria Secrets house to become the new face of Puma. This is perfectly in line with her lifestyle, being the model with a passion for sports. And in fact this is not the news, at least not for Dcomedieta. The news is her diet, which she finally described very well in an interview in the magazine Elle la Lima.

And that leaves me some perplexity.


Already the statement I put in the title can give you some doubts.

Basically, Lima says, she doesn’t eat for the sake of eating, but for the sole purpose of eating properly. That’s why she doesn’t have one, but two nutritionists who prepare her daily menu, as well as a private personal trainer. And when she goes on a trip, she asks to have a fridge and a microwave oven in her room so that the hotel can deliver pre-cooked meals made just for her: a service that costs $ 750 a month.

Basically, he never eats anything out of either the nutritionists’ diet or the precooked food routine.
Shopping becomes interesting. She pays two nutritionists, the more she has a home meal service, the more she has a personal trainer who trains her every day.

It is only after these details that Adriana Lima’s words can be understood.

I intend to live a long time ”. “What you put into your body is important to staying healthy with your workouts. Eating like this gives you energy so you can have a long day at work and not feel exhausted.

If this sounds like healthy eating, I disagree. If you think this is better than disposable diets, I disagree.

In essence, this is the other side of an obsessive diet, done in a religious way and without ever being wrong, without giving the body the opportunity to express its needs, without ever listening to it.

How this according to the model is eating for health is a mystery. Always better than the liquid diet that she did for each show , but in short, it is a rather sad regime, not admirable.

Eating for health also means eating dark chocolate when we need it, or sharing a pizza with those we love. Eating for health means eating in a varied and stress-free way, not living in fear of “putting unhealthy foods in your body that do not provide the right energy for training”. It means knowing how to choose.

And certainly do not live escorted by precooked meals based on chickpeas, green beans, edamame and brown rice because alone, my lady, we would not know what to eat.


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