Dietland arrives, the TV series against diets

Dietland arrives, the TV series against diets

It’s called Dietland , and it’s the TV series inspired by the novel of the same name by  Sarai Walker , for now exclusively on Amazon Prime, a series that many women should see : protagonist ” Plum “, an overweight woman who divides herself between a job as a pastry chef and one… a little more secret. In fact, Prugna is the one who answers all the letters from women and girls that arrive in the editorial office of a large newspaper, paid by the beautiful and sophisticated director to pretend to be her (technically, Prugna is her ghost-writer), and to give intelligent and sensitive answers. to the readers despite the fact that she is feeling more and more depressed.
And at the same time you have to make the director look good.

Obviously, Plum is on an eternal diet . And she is eternally hungry. She eats sad substitute meals, she goes to meet other overweight women, she dreams of getting thin, and even changing her name once she succeeds. You will be a new woman, in short, once you have conquered her much coveted thinness. But do you necessarily need to get thin to be an attractive woman? And above all, do you realize? It is around this question that the Dietland series unfolds , but also around a mystery, which concerns the disappearance and summary execution of some people in the city, by a group of anonymous activists.
As Prugna tries to rebel against the imprisonment of diets, more and more people will be targeted by activists and the series takes an unusual noir turn.
However, it is a very feminine series, but also tough, which analyzes the relationship between women and their body, and the stereotypes of the canons of beauty. And then we find ourselves, of course, all cheering for Prugna!

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