Two light peach smoothies perfect for breakfast

Two light peach smoothies perfect for breakfast

Two light smoothie recipes that have one ingredient in common and are perfect for summer breakfasts: peaches . Peaches are sweet, fragrant and rich in water, and have only 39 calories per hundred grams. They have a high content of potassium and vitamin A, therefore they are perfect for those who have problems with fragile capillaries, water retention, swollen legs and cellulite.
With these two light smoothie recipes you can turn peaches into a delicious dessert to drink.

1) Creamy peach smoothie:
For two people
200 grams of peaches cut into pieces and frozen
150 grams of skimmed Greek yogurt or a package of Vitasnella Greek yogurt with vanilla 150 grams
200 ml of unsweetened orange juice
a teaspoon of honey
Procedure: blend the frozen peaches with the other ingredients and serve immediately.
Calories: 145 per serving

2) Anti-cellulite peach and banana smoothie:
For two people

100 grams of banana
150 grams of peach
170 grams of fage total 0% white yogurt
100 ml of organic apple juice (alternatively pineapple juice without sugar or orange without sugar )
3-4 ice cubes
Procedure: Blend everything together and serve immediately
Calories: 150

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