How many calories does a beer have? And what are light beers?

How many calories does a beer have? And what are light beers?

How many calories does a beer have? It all depends on the type of beer and its brand. A medium beer in the bottle (330 ml) ranges from about 150 to 180 calories : for example a 33 cl Heineken contains 138 calories, while some Pale or Lagers contain up to 170-180. Compared to a glass of wine, therefore, an average beer has fewer calories if we look at the quantity: 150 ml of red or white wine give us about 125 calories, while the same amount of beer gives us half. But… well… who drinks half beer? Or who is satisfied with a small beer, which corresponds to a glass of 200 ml?
If you are a beer lover but want to keep the scales under control, here’s what to know. 
Even if for light beersin general we mean those beers with a lower alcohol content, and not necessarily beers with fewer calories in total, but it is also true that alcohol weighs on calories, so in general light beers are always less caloric than traditional ones. In this article we see 33cl bottled beers that also have fewer calories.

Light beers are popular abroad, but in Italy it is not easy to find them. Here are the ones you may have the most luck on.
1) Lemon Radler (Dreher):
 it is a lemon beer, that is with a content of beer, water, lemon and sugar, similar to a sparkling lemonade, more than anything else, but which is perfect as a drink especially in summer. A 33 cl bottle at 2% alcohol volume has 116 calories. But the non-alcoholic Lemon Radler (0%) has only 72 calories per 33cl bottle.
2) Grapefruit Radler (Dreher): the 33ml bottle, similar to Lemon Radler but grapefruit flavored, has only 100 calories. 3) Amstel Beer Ligh

: if you are on holiday in Greece, you might stumble upon this beer, the Amstel Beer Light, because the Amstel, a beer of Dutch origins, is well known there and more widespread than here. And it has 95 calories.
4) Heineken 00:
 it is the non-alcoholic sister of the normal Heineken, and has 69 calories per 33cl bottle.
5) Guinness : Guinness is an example of how alcohol and calories do not always go hand in hand. As long as you take the canned one, which is not always available. But she only has 116 calories, so she’s a lucky hunt.
5) Beck’s: among the alcoholic ones, it is the lightest, followed by Carlsberg. In fact, it has 39 calories per 100 ml, so 33 cl provides 128 calories in all.
5) Carlsberg:less caloric than other beers, beaten for one calorie by Carlsberg, but still acceptable. In fact, it has 40 calories per 100 ml, therefore 132 calories per 33 cl.
Followed by Corona and Heineken: less than 140 calories per 33 cl bottle.

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