Diet to reduce the risk of lung cancer

Diet to reduce the risk of lung cancer

A study published in these days explains that it has found a significant relationship between the consumption of certain foods and the reduction of lung cancer risk. The study , conducted by the American Vanderbilt University Medical Center in association with about twenty other hospitals and research institutes, analyzed the habits of 1.4 million people around the world. The researchers found that the results are valid for all subjects and for all types of lung cancer regardless of other risk factors (whether or not they smoked, whether they were doing risky jobs for this disease, such as factory or laboratory work). . And what did it turn out?


That’s right.
According to the researchers, a diet based on foods rich in fiber and yogurt, then a combination of prebiotics (fiber) and probiotics (yogurt) would reduce the risk of lung cancer by thirty percent. According to the authors of the research, a nutritional synergy would be created between these two foods capable of reducing the risk of lung cancer. The cause, being a purely observational study, is not explained: fiber and yogurt are thought to play a protective role.

So in the morning a porridge of oat flakes (oat flakes cooked in water and adjusted with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of honey) with some Greek yogurt on top, or yogurt with two tablespoons of All Bran or muesli would for example be a breakfast. suitable. During the day, fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, legume and vegetable meals, and snacks with yogurt or kefir milk complete the menu of this diet that would protect against lung cancer risk.
The ideal menus would therefore be the F-Plan diet or the probiotic diet.

However, this does not eliminate the risk of cancer from smoking, pollution or other variables at all.

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