Doctor Calabrese: Idealica and Diet Lite scam

Doctor Calabrese: Idealica and Diet Lite scam

The scam against Dr. Giorgio Calabrese does not show signs of abating, and indirectly against all those consumers who, by purchasing the Idealica and Diet Lite products, are convinced that it is the famous doctor and dietician who sponsors and advises them.

Thanks to the feedback from readers, Dcomedieta has collected new material regarding fake product sponsorships, which have appeared on Instagram and Facebook. From the images it is clear that fake profiles are created of women who ask doctor Calabrese for advice on losing weight.

And under the answer of Dr. Calabrese, who recommends tablets and drops for weight loss. Too bad that Dr. Calabrese’s answer is false. Completely false. And the references to universities, the Ministry of Health, programs such as Rai that would have promoted the product in some broadcast are false.
It is all false.

The creators of the scam have in fact stolen the profile photo of the doctor and his images, so that those who look at the advertising have the impression that it is Dr. Calabrese who sponsors the slimming products.
The products cost from 50 to 60 euros: not only the Idealica drops, but now a slimming smoothie called Diet Lite has also been added. And although Dr. Calabrese filed a complaint on behalf of his lawyer as we have also written here , many people continue to believe in the scam.
With the result of buying completely useless products for weight loss.

Dcomedieta therefore repeats it to you for the umpteenth time. 

Doctor Giorgio Calabrese has NEVER recommended drops, tablets or other products to make you lose weight in 42 years of career.

He is a supporter of the Mediterranean diet for weight loss and one of the best known Italian ambassadors of the Mediterranean diet as a tool for prevention and health.

Another thing that is not clear to many and that readers ask us is why the doctor does nothing to protect his image.

As I have already written, this is NOT true. The doctor filed a complaint from the start. Not only. In the newspaper La Sicilia he expressed his total extraneousness to these advertisements: you can read the article here.

The problem as Dr. Calabrese states in the article is that “nothing has changed”. The advertisements continue to circulate, despite the fact that a report has also been made to fb.

How to protect yourself from this scam?
Dcomedieta explains what to do.

  • At the moment from the images that have arrived at their destination, a page turns on Instagram, “” which invites the purchase of products by illegally exploiting the doctor’s name. Of course there may be others. On facebook the pages are different. One links to the site.
    These sites are all bogus.
  • Dr. Calabrese is present on facebook with his official page, And on the internet with his website, . So anyone who reads other sites and other pages simply shouldn’t trust them.
    Anyone who has been a victim of these scams can report it to consumer associations: there are many, such as Federconsumatori .
  • He can also write posts on facebook or other social networks to warn his contacts that it is all a scam.
  • Finally, you can report the sales sites on the Trustpilot site , a site that collects all the reviews of those who buy products on the internet, including negative ones and scams.Word of mouth is sometimes the best weapon to protect others and protect yourself.

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