Diet for constipation and natural remedies

Diet for constipation and natural remedies

Today we are talking about diet for constipation, a problem often linked to both bad eating habits and an incorrect lifestyle, but which can also have other causes, physiological and otherwise.

Among the physiological causes we have for example a long colon, which often leads to very slow digestion and intestinal fermentation problems. Among the non-physiological causes, a low acid stomach, a symptom of a slow thyroid, or stress, which affects intestinal motility.

Finally, there is a transient constipation typical of travelers, because changing environment also changes our intestinal flora and this can lead to skipping the appointment with the bathroom for a few days.
In general, you will often find advice to eat more fiber and drink more water.

But this advice really doesn’t work for some of the cases mentioned and may not work for you because the bacterial flora works in a unique way for each of us.

Those who have dysbiosis problems must be careful with some fibers, the same problems can occur for other people if they consume foods that produce lactic acid in the intestine or that have added lactic acid, as in the case of yogurt.

In this article we will see how to make a diet for constipation that is more delicate but also more effective in the intestine. And on page three, the natural and homeopathic remedies that can help us.

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