The fiber diet for fast weight loss

The fiber diet for fast weight loss

Is it possible to lose weight fast ?
Yes, thanks to the fiber diet, a diet that allows us to eat more fruit and vegetables, clean up the intestines, improve regularity and reduce calories and fat absorption without feeling hungry.
A diet that in just one month can make us lose the extra pounds and which is the basis of many other diets, for example the carbohydrate diet, the Starch Solution  diet and the volumetric diet .


Why does a fiber-based diet work for weight loss?
First of all, fibers help intestinal regularity, and this allows us to have a flatter stomach and spend more energy on digestion. In other words, the body uses more calories to digest fiber .
Furthermore, some of the calories in foods rich in fiber, for example insoluble ones, do not count . While soluble fiber, such as in oats, provides 2 calories per gram.

Fibers nourish the good bacteria in our intestines, which make us more efficient and energetic and promote a fast metabolism thanks to the production of short-chain fatty acids.
Finally, the fibers satiate more, often increasing the volume and consistency of the dishes.
Not to mention, fiber-rich foods lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

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