Risk of mercury poisoning with the peach-vegan diet

Risk of mercury poisoning with the peach-vegan diet

The peach-vegan diet is a type of diet that includes fish as the only food of animal origin within a vegan regime. It is a very popular diet in recent years because it is considered very healthy, but alas, doing it can risk mercury poisoning if you are not careful.
This is in fact what happened to the American singer and actress Janelle Monàe, who following a peach-vegan diet suffered serious mercury poisoning.


It is a metal that can gradually poison our body, and over 70% of it is found in fish, followed by whole grains and mushrooms. In fact, mercury is present both in the seas and in the soil.

In the peach-vegan diet, people consume more than 4-5 portions of fish per week.
Often large fish, such as tuna. Excess mercury from food attacks the nervous system. Symptoms of mercury poisoning are as follows: headache, skin rash, muscle weakness, memory loss or confusion, difficulty speaking, listening, writing and walking, tingling hands and numbness in the neck and mouth.
There are probably some things you don’t know about mercury in foods.

Let’s see how to avoid taking too much both if we love fish and if we follow a peach-vegan diet. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 )

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