Diet and autism, vaccines and autism

Diet and autism, vaccines and autism

autismAlthough there is no scientific evidence that neither diet nor vaccines cause autism , and despite the great hype of those who evidently take advantage of the desperation of parents of autistic children, these theses continue to be supported. I’ll just deal with the first: a theory has been circulating for some time that a gluten and casein-free diet would cure children of autism or greatly alleviate their symptoms. In fact, it appears that children with autism tend to eat the same things over and over, particularly refined foods, and that therefore this food exclusion is simply a sign of poor nutrition . A diet full of prepackaged foods, snacks and white bread,it’s not good for any child . Gluten or casein have little to do with it. In general, those who eat gluten-free push themselves to greater variety in their diet (although not always), and the same is true for those looking for alternatives to milk and dairy products. In fact, we should all try to vary our diet as if we were diabetic and intolerant: we should all eat different foods, make sure we are not sedentary even at the table, as we actually are in life. A varied and healthy diet is beneficial for everyone, without demonizing gluten or dairy products. That said, there is a theory that a gluten and casein-free diet would work against the symptoms of autism, because autism is caused by an “allergy” to gluten and casein. However,allergy tests on autistic children have never verified an intolerance . Worse still, the theory is dangerously close to that vaccines would trigger an allergy in children that would lead them to autism.
I repeat: there are no scientific foundations of any kind to stories like this , but there is often the speculation of those who for their own benefit turn to the parents of autistic children, as in America the case of chef Pete Evans , who keeps his diet going. Paleo (lots of meat, eggs and fish every day: a massive consumption of animal protein instead of cereals) and sponsors its fb page saying that it has found the remedy for the symptoms of autism, without a shred of evidence or argument.
The only thing that can be agreed on is that a correct and varied diet improves everyone’s health. But eliminating that food or that other does not cure any disease : not cancer or, in this case, autism.

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