The B Factor Diet or Biale Diet

The B Factor Diet or Biale Diet


fat brownfat brownbalanceLast year this diet came out, The B Factor Diet , written by nutritionist Samantha Biale, who in three steps suggested how to lose weight and maintain an enviable shape forever. Biale started from the assumption that on this blog I have faced several times: in front of splints and anorexic girls who smile at each other on billboards and push us to consider that “thin is beautiful” (and winning), no one is interested in eating well and correctly for your health, how much to reach that enviable form in one way or another, at all costs and by any means or shortcut. You want quick and easy results. Many people do not have time to start a diet that they already snort and paw because the scales, strangely, find it difficult to accommodate them.
Just like me, Samantha Biale also claims she was not “born thin”, that is not to be among those lucky ones who have a fast metabolism (lucky only from a certain point of view, but let’s not say so) but to be a normal woman, who however has very clear the rules of proper nutrition. The most obvious but not always easy way to reach a healthy weight, and no longer having to worry, if not in a limited way, about extra pounds. There are no shortcuts to weight loss. Either you eat right or you lose weight by stressing us and our body . But let’s go back to the B Factor diet book of  which you can find the preview here . The point is that with so many beautiful and very right words, the next step should correspond to a correct diet plan

After this interesting prologue on the importance of proper nutrition, however, Biale recommends a first phase based on replacement meals , defining them as healthy, practical and economical. Yes, the much-hated weight loss bars. Bars that are pseudo-food, which could be replaced by a lighter snack consisting of real food, but no, better start with the trick of the bars to better motivate people and starve them until dinner. Also on the nutritionist’s website, we see that the calorie mantra replaces the idea of ​​proper nutrition a little too much , for example in the test, measure your food IQ. We play it between veal with tuna sauce and cured meats to find in a difference of one hundred calories a point in favor of cured meats, which, says the nutritionist ” Not surprisingly, are even included in the Mediterranean diet up to 3 times a week as a source of noble proteins. . ”  Seriously? Which Mediterranean diet includes cured meats three times a week? It even exceeds the maximum consumption of red meat, not surprisingly at the top of the pyramid. The portion allowed in a week at most is one (one, not three) and some experts would like it to be 50 grams of cured meats and not a hundred.
In short, if the theoretical assumptions are these, from what I read in the book to what I found on the nutritionist’s website, I am skeptical about the B Factor diet, which for me remains to be avoided (or to be skipped in the first step).

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