Walden Farms products, my review

Walden Farms products, my review

waldenfarmsIt happens that I often talk about products that I usually consume myself: this is the case of Sukrin’s erythritol, Fiberpasta products and some other occasional purchase. Generally, I’m not used to eating a lot of branded things, so I really can’t say I’m making the fortune of certain companies. Other times, especially in the case of diet products, I purposely buy some products to test them. I talk about them in depth only after having tried them. Here, it is the case of Walden Farms products, which attracted my attention because they offered sauces, jams and creams (including peanut butter or a similar nutella with peanuts) generally very caloric in the traditional variants, at a very small number of calories, without sugar and fat.

In short, in theory a fairy tale. In practice, no. I bought both some kind of fruit jelly and some kind of peanut butter, at a price not really for all budgets, and after tasting them, I thought they didn’t taste of anything or if they knew of something it was a bad artificial flavor . The whipped peanut spread I purchased contains distilled water, cellulose gum, corn starch, and only then these three ingredients, peanut flour and natural peanut flavorings. Too bad that the flavor is not even for a thousandth comparable to peanut butter and not even to a peanut. I then discovered that most consumers think the same way I do: 240 slamming on Amazon is a small record. Same thing for the other product, an apple butter which in theory should be a thick apple cream, which only had the scent of apple. The texture was good, but the sweet taste was too sweet and just the smell of apple. For the first time in my life, I begged my husband and my mother to taste the products, maybe it was my palate that had something wrong. I wanted to photograph your faces. In short: I have tasted so many diet products in my life, but these really did not convince my palate or that of those around me and used not so kind words about me, this blog and my experiments. What to say? I leave the floor to the company , which can reply by writing to me. Maybe the other products are delicious, I don’t know. Of course I don’t have all this desire to repeat the experience (or spend more money on it).

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