Depression and anxiety, the natural remedies

Depression and anxiety, the natural remedies

Depression and anxiety, two increasingly common disorders in our fast-paced and “performing” world. Naturopathy associated with specialist medicine can represent a valid tool for rebalancing.


But are depression and anxiety two sides of the same coin?


According to some currents of thought, yes, according to others, no. In naturopathy we deal with anxiety  and depression in a different way , both at an interpretative level and in support of pharmacological treatments but sometimes we intercept connections between the two disorders. 


Depression in naturopathy

For the naturopath, the person who suffers from depression is energetically deprived of inner strength , who looks at his past with nostalgia and regret, who does not find in the present the basis for being able to sustain himself and does not see a future.


Black is a color that cancels all the nuances of his life, his mind twists and twists on circular , obsessive thoughts , which cloud reality and deform it.


The organs involved from an energetic point of view are stomach and spleen / pancreas, in  Chinese medicine they are those related to the Earth Movement, at the first Autumn of life and which are not able to nourish those of the Metal Movement , lungs and large intestine, the second Autumn.  


Melancholy , brooding, the loss of the boundaries between the true and the presumed open the way to deep sadness. There is no physical strength, no reactive strength, no energy strength because food no longer represents a source of nourishment : in some cases you no longer feel the need to eat because you are already full of everything, and everything is too much.  


Sleep is the only refuge  from thoughts, apparently, until even this limbo is contaminated, because chemically the body has drawn on all its energy given by sugars and fats and then the adrenal glands are put under stress producing adrenaline peaks. . In fact, it often happens that the depressed person no longer sleeps .  


Anxiety in naturopathy

For the naturopath, the  one who suffers from anxiety is an energetically excess subject , which does not mean that he is full of energy, attention!  


The anxious person does not know how to live in the present , he does not appreciate what he has, because he is projected into the negative hypothetical future . Whoever is animated by anxiety does not know the meaning of relaxing, of taking with tranquility what life offers, even the beautiful ones, because something bad could lie ahead in the imminent tomorrow. 


Anticipatory anxiety fills the mind with unfounded worries , takes away creative and psychic energies, because even the anxious, as well as the depressed, do not relate correctly with reality, because it contaminates it with a clouded and destabilizing future.


The organs involved from an energetic point of view can be both liver and biliary vesicle belonging to the Wood Movement , in a condition of excess imbalance, and kidneys and bladder, afferent to the Water Movement in a condition of defective imbalance therefore not able to “Dilute” the energy of wood.  


Fear , a typical emotion of the water element when destabilized, is so strong that it overwhelms everything. 


Have you ever noticed that the anxious person often struggles to breathe properly? The inhalation act stops at the chest and does not originate from the abdomen, even the exhalation is short. 


This causes rapid breathing  which also affects the heart rate. Often the anxious person suffers from asthma , the heart feels in the throat , it feels like a choking sensation. His organism of him as well as the thought of him runs fast, faster than he can handle!


When he realizes that he cannot keep up with crazy times he is assailed by a deep sadness and like an emptied sack he “collapses” on himself , without strength and energy. Here is the possible connection due to a depressive state.


Depression: natural remedies

The very simplistic but necessary analysis to distinguish the naturopathic approach to these disorders makes us understand that the natural remedies  to be used are different .   


Furthermore , these pathologies must be followed by specialized doctors , because let us always remember that investigating the mind is really difficult for anyone, and often the protocols to be implemented are heavy because they modify chemical and hormonal reactions to realign psychic imbalances. 


Naturopathy can be a support if shared by the treating physician . The tools that we can use draw on both the herbalist tradition and oriental medicine in general and its practices. 

Depression may require a phase of deep rest, restful sleep to regenerate brain cells, rest the nervous system. 


> St. John’s Wort : a rebalancing, soothing remedy, a mood modulator , St. John’s Wort, another name for St. John’s wort , is a natural antidepressant , thanks to the presence of hypericin , the flavonoid component, hyperforin . 


It works as a serotonin  and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. The intake , especially if concomitantly with antidepressant drugs, must be carried out under medical supervision . 


Griffonia : this remedy is particularly suitable for mild depression , mood disorders and insomnia . Griffonia  rich in 5-hydroxytryptophan favors the increase of serotonia and melatonin , dopamine, noradrenaline and endorphins. The appetite also benefits, which is gradually stimulated. 


Mountain Pennyroyal : the Californian flower indicated in case of negative thoughts, exhausting emotions, mental congestion that takes away vitality. 


When the mind becomes clouded and thoughts become turbid, repetitive, obsessive and rationality seems to have abandoned the depressed subject, the Californian flower Mountain Pennyroyal acts as a purifier of the brain, dissolves knotted and fixed thoughts, frees the flow of light and creative thoughts. 


Shiatsu : practices such as shiatsu , which activates or sedates the energy flows through the meridians, can be valid supports for pharmacological treatment. In fact, shiatsu or tuina , if the patient accepts a more enveloping practice, through acupressure, the solicitation of certain points or parts of the body, speak directly to the organs involved, restore the free circulation of energy , assist relaxation, clarity of thought, they help to get back in touch with your body. 


Qi Gong : this is a so-called Chinese medical gymnastics that helps to concentrate energies and to channel them where they are needed to rebalance a condition of discomfort. 


Breathing , concentration , slow and conscious repeated movements of Qi gong charge the practitioner with positive energy, activate the presence in the here and now, stimulate the internal organs by heating them. 


Anxiety: natural remedies

Anxiety, panic attacks , tachycardia, insomnia, loss of appetite or hungry appetite can also be treated with natural remedies agreed with the attending physician to support mood swings and adrenaline peaks. 


Hawthorn : this remedy is really interesting for its calming virtues. It is a natural sedative , it calms palpitations, high blood pressure, anxiety and stress syndromes. Helps to relax and induce sleep. 

The most suitable formulation in case of anxiety is the hawthorn in bud extract , the spring of the plant, the bud in fact, which soothes the spring excesses. 


Tilia Tomentosa : speaking of bud derivatives, lime is also a valid remedy for anxious states , even those that reverberate on a physical level such as colitis, gastritis, as it has an antispasmodic action . 


It can be included among the natural remedies suitable for those suffering from performance anxiety and problems of the sexual sphere. 


Yoga : an interesting practice for the anxious subject is yoga , hatha yoga , pranayama and pratyahara where in addition to asanas to release energies, conscious breathing and concentration and meditation techniques are associated to channel psychic forces and control the senses . 


Garlic : the Californian flower drives away fears . It is a suitable remedy for those suffering from panic attacks, for those who get stuck in front of others, especially if they have to speak in public or face severe trials. The Californian flower Garlic infuses greater vigor and security, calms anxiety. 

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