Jade roller for the face: rose quartz or jade for firm skin.

Jade roller for the face: rose quartz or jade for firm skin.

Jade roller: the jade roller massager, a little exotic and very fashionable lately for do-it-yourself facial treatments to be performed comfortably at home. That’s what it’s for.


Face roller in quartz or jade: the home beauty routine

It’s time for rollers: from the derma roller to the jade roller , the face and neck beauty routine is done at home, even every day, by combining these small and practical tools with the products you prefer and whose specific objectives are enhanced. .

Initially the prerogative of a few cutting-edge beauty centers , it is now possible to experiment with rollers alone, without particular contraindications. On the net there are many types.

It is said that the face roller , made of semi-precious stones, has ancient roots in beauty treatments associated with the tradition of traditional Chinese medicine .

For crystal therapy , both jade and rose quartz have properties related to beauty: could it be precisely for this reason that the choice of these rollers fell on these two stones rather than on others?

The massaging effect derives from the temperature of the stone: the cold in fact has a notoriously toned and decongested effect. But also its light but constant weight, which runs through all areas of the face, is very important: it is however essential that the rollers are made of whole stones, and that the roller is not plastic coated with rose quartz or jade.

The face and head , according to traditional Chinese medicine , are crossed by numerous meridians and tsubo (acupuncture points), the stimulation of which benefits the well-being of the whole body, and not just the beauty of the skin.

In addition to these advantages, there is the fact that having a tool that energizes the circulation in the morning, and gives relief after a full day, used regularly, allows you to take more time for self-care , to optimize and improve the quality of the routine. of beauty.

Use and benefits of the jade roller

The  benefits  of using a jade or rose quartz roller, if used regularly, are numerous:

> Increases the  firmness of the skin ;

> improves  skin microcirculation  ;

> practice  light and effective lymphatic massage  ;

> tones  the muscles;

> deflates  the eye contour and decongest the skin all over the face;

> helps  eliminate toxins ;

> allows the  applied treatments  to penetrate better and deeper.

The methods of use are easy and intuitive: this roller, applied on an easy and light handle, must be placed on the skin, without pressing, and made to slide according to different lines over the entire surface of the face.

It can also be useful to use it on the neck . Finally, this small object can be comfortably carried with you even when traveling, and give the feeling of a small but important beauty treatment where

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