DASH diet | How to cure hypertension

DASH diet | How to cure hypertension:
Hypertension (High blood pressure) is very common disease today many peoples suffering from high blood pressure. It may be cause by higher intake of salt and low quality fat.
If you want to know that is you have hypertension or not. Then click on this link and read our complete article about hypertension:
If you have hyper tension then our article will provide you complete information to cure it. In this article I will discuss about how to cure hypertension and I will give you a complete diet plan to cure hypertension.
How to cure Hypertension:
Some most efficient solution or recommendations are given below to reduce hypertension. And bring your blood pressure at normal stage. These tips are given below as well as a diet plan is given below that should be follow in hypertension, because hypertension is very harsh disease that can cause many other diseases especially in women. Some important tips to reduce hypertension are given below:
Change your diet plan:
Diet plan involved in our overall health. If our diet plan is rational and good then our health will also be good. Diet plan most important for better health.
Reduce intake of Sodium (Na):
Higher intake of sodium causes hypertension. We should use iodized salt instead of NaCl. Prefer potassium and magnesium intake.
Reduce intake of low quality fat:
Reduce the intake of low quality fat. Because saturated fats causes stiffness of arteries.
Avoid foods that raise your cholesterol.
Change your life style:
Change your less active or slightly active style to active life style. It means exercise regularly. Morning walk is most important of hypertension patients.
Limit intake of alcohol:
According Health Institute of America higher intake of alcohol and other soft drinks causes high blood pressure. We should not use alcohol excessively.
Don’t take stress:
It is the most important recommendation for every unhealthy person. If you think that you are unhealthy then you are unhealthy. Always don’t give stress to your mind. It may cause severe hypertension. That may leads to Brain hemorrhage.
Drink plenty of water:
A normal person should be intake about 11 to 12 glass of water per day.
DASH diet:
D: Dietary
A: Approaches to
S: Stop
H: Hypertension
It is the abbreviation of DASH diet. It is specially designed diet plan to cure hypertension by NIH National Institute of Health (it is department of USA that works to control hypertension). In this plan we will reduce intake of sweetened, meat, fat and the things that involved in hypertension.
Actually DASH diet was an experiment, by NIH it was an experiment on the hypertension patient of USA. According to results it reduced problem of hypertension. And it reduced blood pressure of hypertension patient, after seeing its results it was decided as healthy eating plan for all USA peoples.
Actually DASH diet is rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium. In this diet plan we will reduce the amount of sodium to control hypertension, because higher intakes of sodium cause high blood pressure.
Diet Plan:
Always remember this diet plan strictly focus on serving size. It is typical diet plan, If you follow it then you can reduce risk of hypertension.
Break Fast:
3 servings of whole wheat
2 servings of vegetables
1.5 servings of fruits
In breakfast servings of fat should not be more than 1 serving.
2 servings of cereals
2 servings of nuts
Small pieces of meat
1 serving of vegetables
2 servings of fruits
In lunch servings of fat should not be more than 1 serving.
Only 2 servings of whole grains
1 serving of vegetables
1 serving of fruits
Fat should not be in this meal
1 serving of nuts
Always remember in DASH diet we should remove or reduce intake of sweets. It should be less than 3 servings in a day.
In the light of above discussion we can say that we should reduce intake of high sodium diet to reduce problems of hypertension. Dash diet is a standard diet plan that is given by NIH America to control hypertension. If you want know more about hypertension then click on this link :


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