Dental Carrie

Dental Carries:
Dental carries is disease, it is most common in children, and it is also called tooth decay. It leads to loos of teeth. In this disease color of teeth changed into yellow and after its color changed into black. And weakness of teeth is also caused by dental caries. If your child is fan of confectionaries then you should to be read this article till end in this article I will discuss about the dental caries, Causes of dental caries, Symptoms of dental caries and I will give you some secrets tips to take away from confectionary to your child.
What is dental caries?
It is an oral disease in which teeth become loos and weak. Their color changes from white to yellow and yellow to black. It due to acid forming bacteria that forms acid on teeth. It is most common disease in children and in diabetic patients. It is also common in conditions in which amount of saliva reduced in mouth.
Procedure for Dental Caries:
Dental caries is caused by formation of bacteria on the surface of teeth. They produce acid that is harmful for the weakness of teeth and dental caries. Food debris accumulates on teeth due to improper cleaning of teeth. This food is used as food for bacteria. Bacteria grow on tooth and produce acidic environment.
Symptoms for Dental Caries:
Dental Caries is an oral disease so some oral symptoms of dental caries are given below. It is most common in children if you have these problems you should to be careful about your teeth. They may be decay as soon.
Pain on teeth:
It is may not be in all cases, because in dental caries you fell pain at the end stage.
Yellowish of teeth:
It is common disease and first indicator that indicate initial stage of dental caries. This yellowish color is called “Plaque” it is due to the accumulation of meal debris on the surface of teeth. It is also cause of dental caries.
Cavity in teeth:
It is also indicator that tells you about the decay of tooth. “Plaque” (accumulation of food debris) act as food for bacteria and these bacteria form acidic environment that cause decay of tooth.
Teeth sensitivity:
In dental caries teeth is more sensitive than normal condition. On any cool and warm drinking we feel pain on teeth or tissues around teeth is called sensitivity. In dental caries sensitivity on teeth increase.
Browning of teeth:
After the accumulation of food debris Plaque convert into brown color. It is the last stage of dental caries. At this stage teeth decaying start.
Mutant streptococci:
It is a bacterium that attack on teeth. These bacteria are present in oral cavity. Some of them come through external environment in the oral cavity.
Ignore to clean teeth:
It’ s not matter that food debris accumulate on your teeth. Problem is here to improper cleaning of teeth. Plaque can be removed by brushing of teeth.
Higher intake of sugar:
Higher intake of added sugar also causes dental caries. Because it stuck on the surface of teeth and act as food for bacteria. So we should reduce the intake of sugar.
Diabetes Militias:
Diabetes Miletus is also most common cause of dental carries because it reduce saliva in oral cavity that is responsible for decay of tooth.
If you have dental caries then don’t worry we have solution for your problem. Some important guidelines to prevent dental caries are given below.
Regularly clean your teeth:
Improper cleaning of teeth cause dental caries, That leads decay of teeth. So we should clean our teeth regularly that remove plaque from the surface of teeth.
Reduce intake of Added sugar:
We should reduce intake added sugar, because sugar stuck with teeth and act as food for acidic bacteria.
In the light of above discussion we can say that dental caries or tooth decay is very dangerous disease of oral cavity. It may cause yellowish of teeth which is called accumulation of plaque. This plaque converts into the brownish color on that leads to cavity in teeth. We should to be reducing intake of added sugar and regularly clean our teeth to prevent from dental caries.

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