Cardiovascular diseases | Heart Disease

Cardiovascular diseases | Heart Disease:
Hearts diseases are very sever to body. They may leads to death. There are many heart diseases that involved in death at sever condition. The most important is cardiovascular disease. In this article I will discuss about heart diseases, their symptoms, cardiovascular diseases, Causes of Heart disease and How to cure heart diseases. It is very important article for heart patient. But don’t worry many moderate and low stage of diseases can be cure by Healthy food. In this article I will discuss about heart diseases instead of other diseases of body.
What is Cardiovascular Diseases?
Heart diseases are also called cardiovascular diseases. “Cardio” means heart and vascular means “Vessels”. So the blockage of vessels is called cardiovascular. It leads to hypertension heart attack, chest pain and stroke. Cardiovascular diseases are very severing. At last stage it may cause death. Cardiovascular diseases are cause by irrational behavior of eating or use of low quality oil. Obesity is also responsible for cardiovascular diseases. Because intake of bad cholesterol LDH may leads to heart diseases.
Process involved in heart diseases:
As we know that blood passes through vessels, arteries, veins and capillaries. Narrowing of these vessels cause hypertension. And if plaque is produced in blood vessels then it leads to blockage of vessels. It is responsible for heart attack and block supply of blood.
What is plaque?
Plaque is yellowish accumulation of fat or Cholesterol it usual due to higher intake of LDL.
This plaque accumulates in vessels and cause narrowing of vessels that is responsible for blockage.
HDL and LDL:
HDL is stands for High density lipoprotein. And LDL is stands for Low density lipoprotein. HDL is also called good cholesterol while LDL is also called bad lipoprotein. Because HDL is good for health and LDL is bad for health. Due to high density of HDL cholesterol it can pass easily and quickly from vessels. LDL (Low density lipoprotein) cannot passes quickly from vessels due to low density. It accumulates in vessels.
Symptoms of heart diseases:
Some important symptoms of cardiovascular diseases are given below. If you have following symptoms then you should to read this article till end and concern with your family doctor to cure yourself. Always remember symptoms in these cardiovascular condition symptoms for male and female are different.
Symptoms for cardiovascular diseases are given below:
Chest pain and discomfort (in man):
Tightness and pain in chest is very common symptom in cardiovascular patients. It is due to blockage of blood artery.
It is also another symptom of cardiovascular disease. It is common in females.
Shortness of breath:
It is also common symptoms. It is due to the low supply of blood to cells.
Heat burn and Stomach pain:
These are also most common symptoms. Don’t ignore indigestibility and stomach pain it may be due to blockage of artery that reduce absorption.
Pain on neck, jaw, and stomach.
Yellowish color of skin
Fatigue and looseness of muscles
Fever skin rashes
Causes of heart diseases:
There are many silent causes of heart diseases that don’t come in front but indirectly cause atherosclerosis (it is disease of heart in which plaque accumulate in arteries and cause blockage).
Intake of low Quality fat:
As mentioned above that there are two types of fat high quality fat and low quality fat. HDL and LDL so fat that contain higher amount of low quality fat can cause heart diseases.
High Blood pressure:
High blood pressure is due to narrowing of vessels. It is due to accumulation of plaque in vessels. It is also responsible for blockage of Valve.
As we know that obesity is mother of diseases. It also causes heart diseases.
Diabetes is silent killer it also cause cardiovascular diseases.
At the end we can say that Cardiovascular diseases Or heart diseases may cause death so we should to cure these diseases as soon as possible. It is due to the higher intake of low quality fat that contains LDL. If we feel chest pain and pale yellow color of skin as well as pain on heart then we should to concern with doctor. Obesity and hyperglycemia also cause heart diseases. We should to change our life style and diet plan to cure from heart diseases.

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