Dancing makes your belly lose weight with Figure 8

Dancing makes your belly lose weight with Figure 8

It’s called Figure 8 and it’s a system for slimming your stomach and training your abs thanks to dancing. If dancing makes you lose weight because it allows you to burn a lot of calories, with Figure 8 we have both the possibility of losing weight and reducing the centimeters of the waist without leaving the house. But what is Figure 8? It is a slimming program consisting of dance video packages or a monthly subscription. It was created by professional dancer Jaana Kunitz , winner of many international awards as a dancer of Latin Dance Sports.
Let’s see how Figure 8 works.


Figure 8 is a dance program that has been designed primarily to train the abdomen and shape the body. Each dance lasts 40 to 50 minutes, and burns a lot of calories. The name Figure 8 derives precisely from the Figure 8 move (Figure Otto) which is obtained by moving the pelvis in a certain way while dancing.

Once you have bought the dance package, you are given the address of a site to register to which functions as a video platform. Then just click on the purchased package and you have all the videos available, go to the one you prefer and start dancing from home. No special equipment is required except for the JNL Fitness Advanced Pack, where a rubber band and small weights are used. For an additional price you can also request DVDs at home, but honestly I don’t know how much it is worth once you can see them all from your PC.

Each lesson is a mix of samba, salsa, meregue, paso dople, aerobics and jive.
Yes, all in the same video.

When you sign up, for each package there is a work out schedule below . Keep in mind that a dance package should last you for at least 4-6 weeks. If you want to lose a lot of weight, follow the card by repeating it every week and you will lose 4 kilos a month just by dancing, without changing your diet.
If, on the other hand, you can only carve out a maximum hour per day, simply follow a lesson a day by changing between the various possibilities and follow the diet recommended by the Figure 8 team that we will see on page three to lose 3 kilos a month.

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