Insomnia: the foods to limit in order not to gain weight

Insomnia: the foods to limit in order not to gain weight

We know that sleeping a little makes you fat, but do we know why this happens?

Yes, we have heard that those who suffer from insomnia tend to eat more, so getting little sleep affects us on a hormonal level. It raises cortisol, which makes us crave for sweets. Raise the hunger hormone ghrelin. Reduces the satiety hormone leptin.
Therefore, those who sleep little tend to eat more.

But let’s say that despite all your efforts to get more sleep, you still suffer from insomnia.
At that point what to do in order not to gain weight and limit the damage?
Well, according to a new study that explains why you get fat if you sleep little, there are foods to limit if you’re insomniac.


Researchers from Pennsylvania State University conducted a study in which they subjected a group of people to the same meals for dinner, but changed their sleep hours soon after, reducing them by almost half.
Although the food was the same, very inviting and rich, when the people involved in the study slept less they were not satisfied with the meal, which instead they almost could not finish when they slept. Let’s talk about pizza, hamburgers, pasta.
All the foods had a good carbohydrate content, but also a good fat content.

By analyzing their metabolism, the researchers found that insomnia sufferers metabolize fats faster, which are easily stored for clearing out of the blood. And this leads them to be much hungrier afterwards.

Therefore, according to the researchers’ discovery, if we suffer from insomnia and do not know how to solve it, the foods to limit in order not to gain weight are precisely fats.

Insomnia sufferers should cut down on seasonings and avoid particularly fatty foods, trying instead to be careful about eating carbohydrates and proteins together. So no to oilseeds, dried fruit, avocados, fatty cheeses, cured meats, fried foods, excess seasoning, sauces.

But be careful!
Ice cream, pizza, biscuits, snacks and chips also contain a good percentage of fat. Better fruits, vegetables, white meats, fish, oats, juices with no added sugar, skim cheeses, skimmed Greek yogurt. In this way, the problem of hunger is solved but we are satisfied for a long time.
Before going to bed, a glass of skim or soy milk with a hint of honey or low-fat cottage cheese with a rice cake and a teaspoon of jam are great sleep-promoting snacks.
Finally, avoid carbohydrate-free protein meals at dinner.

Insights and diets for the insomniac

One diet that I can recommend if you suffer from insomnia is Dr. Rolls’ volumetric diet . She also finds out how to eat if you are under stress and want to lose weight . Finally, if you want to lose weight quickly but have high stress and sleep deprivation issues, try the consistent diet. 

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