Crystal therapy, crystals in Italy

Crystal therapy, crystals in Italy

Many do not know it, but we can personally collect the stones for crystal therapy: the Italian territory is in fact particularly rich in minerals that are very easy to find. A good idea is to join a mineralogical group.

Crystal therapy, crystals in Italy

Those unfamiliar with the trade always imagine that crystals are found and collected in faraway exotic countries, or in the darkest depths of the Earth, but this is only towards a small extent. In fact, stones and crystals used in crystal therapy are usually quite common in the mineral landscape.

Entering the world of collectors, we first discover that minerals are not that rare and that we have numerous opportunities to buy them. And that’s not all: if we want, we can also learn to find them on our own .

In addition to giving a special satisfaction and often representing an unforgettable experience, this path creates a bond that is difficult to describe between the crystal and the one who finds it . In fact, it is no coincidence that mineral seekers very rarely get rid of what they have found. Contrary to popular belief, this link has little to do with economic value .


Crystal Finder Rules

If we want to move in complete safety, we must know the Italian laws regarding the collection of minerals .

First of all, we must always make sure we  respect the environment and private property,  taking action to obtain permits when they are needed. Secondly, we must always  use appropriate tools. For non-professionals, a mallet and a chisel are often enough, sometimes even a shovel to dig. 

When we get to the point of digging, we need to know exactly where and how much . For example, it is forbidden to dig near roads and you must comply with specific depth limits.

Once our crystals have been found, we must respect the  collection limits : in other words, a private citizen cannot stock up on tons of material without permits or concessions.


Where to look for minerals and stones

Italy is a country blessed by nature when it comes to minerals , thanks to the mountains and rich volcanic activity. Many regions have mines and quarries, often no longer active, where it is possible to obtain a permit for amateur harvesting .

Many mountains, at different altitudes, offer wonderful varieties of quartz , which with a little experience in the field are within everyone’s reach, after having learned to recognize veins and know how to work them.

It is impossible to make a list here of all the places where you can collect minerals and the most sensible advice is to join a mineralogical group .


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The importance of mineralogical groups

Over the years, without major investments and with a good dose of patience, you will certainly be able to find beautiful crystals after hours spent pleasantly in nature .

However, getting in touch with a mineralogical group also offers some more opportunities: you can see the private collections of the members, participate in exhibitions and trade-sale days .

On these occasions you can buy the crystals found directly by the researchers; often they still have to finish cleaning them completely. This option is not to be discarded, for those who want to start building a good crystal park for crystal therapy .

The last option is online shopping , which (although safe) usually charges higher prices for lower quality crystals. More importantly, the connection between you, the crystal and its cradle of origin is much weaker and frayed.


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