Because the massage instills well-being

Because the massage instills well-being

Massage is definitely good for you. Whether it is a therapeutic or aesthetic massage, the primary consequence of the massage is to instill generalized well-being in the recipient.

Because the massage instills well-being

The reasons why the massage is beneficial are many, as are the types of massage and the purposes with which it operates. In general, the massage has several effects. Let’s see the various types of messages and the beneficial action.


Types of massage and beneficial effects

Here are a number of positive effects resulting from a massage session.

muscular effects : the most common massage is the one that deals with manipulating muscles and fascias. Therapeutic or aesthetic massages act first of all on the body, muscles and ligaments, loosening and toning from time to time according to the specific need : decontracting massage , sports massage, anti-stress massage, simple back massages, are all massages that operate primarily on the muscles;

draining and detoxifying effects : the pressure, kneading, sliding, traction and mobilization of the massage have an effect on the superficial and deep tissues, on the skin and excretory organs, on the lymphatic and blood circulation , giving a boost of energy and by modulating the rhythm of movement of liquids.

Lymphatic drainage  is a particular type of massage dedicated specifically to those suffering from swelling and edema. Furthermore, the various manipulations have the ability to speed up the exchange of oxygen and nutrients of the cells, heating the affected part, and thus acting on the disposal of metabolic waste;


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hormonal effects : many organs and glands in the body produce hormones. Hormones are messengers that carry information and orders from one body district to another , thus creating a dense interconnected network.

Hormones travel through the blood: from here it is easy to understand how massage, which acts on blood circulation, is also effective for good hormonal functioning. Furthermore, massage can act on the organs that produce hormones , directly or indirectly, as for example in reflexology massages ;

effects on the nervous system : nerve receptors run through the skin and the whole body in a dense network. Any contact with the body produces a message, which acts directly on the nervous system , stimulating different responses.

Shiatsu massage , for example, following the meridian map of traditional Chinese medicine , runs through the major nerve endings scattered throughout the body, with a direct relaxing or toning effect depending on the technique used. Thai massage  also has the same effects, acting on different energy maps;

emotional effects : the prerogatives of the massage are contact, trust, proprioception and a sense of self. When these qualities are transmitted by a good masseur to the person receiving the massage, results are also obtained from an emotional point of view , with a sense of care , tranquility , vitality .

Man is made up of a whole whose value is greater than the sum of the individual parts, and of the particular relationships that the various parts establish between them: the physical plane is linked to the mental one which in turn is interconnected with the emotional plane. .

Acting with the massage on the body also means acting on thoughts and emotions . Particular attention to this relationship is given by the holistic massage .

Remember that, regardless of the type of massage chosen, it is always important to rely on operators who have obtained adequate and specific training .


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