Copper and zinc supplements for hair: when to use them?

Copper and zinc supplements for hair: when to use them?

Dull, weakened, devitalized hair? In addition to cosmetic products, let’s take care of them from the inside, because their health is often linked to the metabolism of the liver, or to vitamin and mineral salts such as zinc and copper.

Copper and zinc supplements for hair: when to use them?

The leaves are falling and the hair is falling! Autumn is the most critical season for our hair and it happens to everyone without distinction.

There are those who can afford it and those who unfortunately have to run for cover with various methods that stop the fall and that are not the mere floor !!! You will forgive the inflated joke, right?

The autumn of the year but also the autumn of life brings with it an impoverishment of the hair : with menopause many women see a noticeable reduction in the thickness of the hair and the thickness.

Mineral salts can help us, especially zinc , which we find in many specific supplements to strengthen hair and even nails, copper for its contribution of melanin , but also vitamins such as some of the B group, and horsetail, excellent remineralizer.

Let’s see what happens to our hair and when we need to intervene with the right supplements.

Capillus sanus in corpore sano

Paraphrasing another Latin saying, the hair reflects our state of health : tiredness, stress, poor digestion translates into dull, devitalized hair, perhaps with problems of sebum or dandruff.

This makes us understand that we must first take care of our hair from the inside, with a healthy diet, drinking a correct amount of daily water, providing the right amount of vitamins and mineral salts .

The periodic weakening and loss of hair is in fact due to multiple factors including vitamin deficiencies, especially B6, but also the so-called “non-vitamins of the B complex” such as B7, inositol, B8, biotin, and B9, folic acid . The mineral salts functional to hair health are zinc, copper, magnesium, silicon (non-metal).

Let’s see in particular what benefits are brought by Zinc and Copper.

Natural supplements for beauty and hair care

Zinc for regeneration…. also and not just hair

First of all, we find zinc in many foods of various kinds, from crustaceans to red meat , in some cereals such as barley and in some legumes such as beans .

However, if it is necessary to integrate it for particular diets, such as that of vegetarians and vegans, on the market we find various formulations of zinc for easier absorption .

Zinc is essential for our body: it strengthens the hair, promoting keratinous synthesis , carries out tissue regenerating activities further enhanced if associated with vitamin A , it is also useful in case of acne, it assists the antioxidant activity at the cellular level, for example it helps to slow down the macular degeneration that physiologically affects our vision with advancing age.

Copper for hair pigmentation

In nature we can find copper in some foods:  in olive oil and in some cereals . It has the property of stimulating the production of melanin and promoting the keratinization processes of the hair and skin .

Copper essentially helps to slow down the aging and graying of the hair , and more: it has the property of stimulating the production of elastin , the formation of collagen , guaranteeing the well-being of the connective tissue in general. Associated with vitamin C it promotes the catalyzing of iron, the synthesis of hemoglobin.

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When and how to help our hair

In seasonal changes, especially in spring and autumn, when our body is most affected by the stress of change, after seasonal influences, antibiotic treatments, or periods of purification, we can use specific supplements for our hair .

Generally on the market there are well-calibrated remedies containing Zinc, Copper but also millet, vitamin B6, biotin , vitamin C.

It is always advisable to choose already balanced complexes and avoid do-it-yourself by independently associating vitamins and mineral salts, this to avoid overdoses and possible unwanted effects.


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