The Easy Zone diet to lose 4 kg in 4 weeks

The Easy Zone diet to lose 4 kg in 4 weeks

The Easy Zone diet is a type of Zone diet (it’s called Zone and not “zone”: you don’t have to take a trip to lose weight!) That allows you to lose one kg per week, therefore 4 kg in 4 weeks, but without too much effort .

One of the problems with the Zone diet, which is a balanced low-carb diet, is that Dr. Sears’ famous diet is not easy to understand for many. In fact, he uses not calorie counting but a block system. Basically it means that for every meal or snack I have to consider the food by block of macronutrients, that is, I have to understand how many carbohydrates, proteins and fats it provides me in order to be able to combine it with other foods. And here, many people, to make a play on words, get stuck.

THE EASY ZONE DIET: what the hell is it?

Simple. This is an easy, also called lazy, version of the Zone Diet.
Just like the ketogenic diet and the keto diet for lazy people exist .

With the Easy Zone diet, all you have to do is follow the menu and stick to one rule. That of walking for 45 minutes a day.
Results are guaranteed if you stick to your food plan and walking routine.
There is no simpler than that, although as always I recommend that you consult your doctor before embarking on any diet.

Obviously the Easy Zone diet is not strictly a Zone diet. It is slightly simplified precisely because it is the facilitated version.

And if you feel comfortable with this plan, you can switch to the Zone diet , the Mediterranean Zone or the Paleozone diet .

Let’s see the Easy Zone diet plan, set around 11 blocks of the Classic Zone.
One block for breakfast and snacks, 4 blocks for lunch and dinner.
For men, you can add one of the snacks to breakfast or choose two alternatives to breakfast (for example a bar + pancake), and add half the lunch and dinner doses to all foods. For example, not 50 grams of wholemeal pasta but 75 and a hint of extra oil or a heaped teaspoon in the preparations.


  • Breakfast.

  • Coffee or tea with stevia or other sweetener. One Zone bar to be chosen from the following.
    Enerzona Snack 40-30-30 
    PROMEAL ZONE 40-30-30 .
    Ultimate Italia – Bars 40 30 30 .
  • Alternatives to bars.
    Pancakes of 80 grams of egg whites + 5 grams of grated coconut + 50 grams of mashed banana and cinnamon.
    Or: 10 grams of sugar-free muesli added to 125 grams of whole white yogurt.

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