Coach Naomi Whittel’s 15-day diet

Coach Naomi Whittel’s 15-day diet

Well-being expert and scholar of eating habits from all over the world, Naomi Whittel is a well-known wellness coach in the United States: her latest book, ” Glow 15 ” explains how to rebalance your diet and change your lifestyle for the better. just two weeks, and it’s a bestseller in America.
In this article we see the principles of his 15-day diet, a real “longevity plan”, explained in an episode of the famous Dr. Oz Show: in two weeks you lose 3-4 kilos of weight, improve sleep , digestion and skin quality . The success of the program is primarily due to the study behind it: it took Whittel 7 years to write this book., interviewing all the most authoritative doctors in the fields of nutrition, endocrinology, metabolism and traveling around the world. At the center of the book, the concept of autophagy : a process by which the cells of our body remove damaged cytoplasmic components, giving a boost to the immune system to repair the damage of an incorrect lifestyle and diet, and the damage of the stress.

The principles
1) Every week you need to choose 3 non-consecutive days in which to do intermittent fasting for 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of nutrition:
 in these 3 days you can decide whether to skip breakfast or dinner , and only have two meals and snacks within the maximum eight hour period. In these meals it is necessary to favor  vegetables and fruit and a small portion of whole grains with a little extra virgin olive oil (a teaspoon of oil or butter per meal),while protein foods must provide a total of 25 grams of protein between lunch and dinner or breakfast and lunch: that is 4 eggs, or 130 grams of fish or meat in all or 200 grams of legumes weighed in boiled meat. All day long you need to drink water. A plan for the 3 days of intermittent fasting must be low-calorie, and can follow a similar pattern:
Breakfast: a tea or a coffee without sugar
 50 grams of brown rice with a small box of natural tuna and 250 grams of zucchini, a teaspoon of oil. Snack: a fruit of your choice Dinner: a slice of rye bread, 70 gr of diced chicken (cooked weight) or two eggs, stewed leafy vegetables in quantities with a teaspoon of oil. 100 gr of sour fruit. 

2) In the remaining 4 days we eat normally, following only a few rules.
– sleep from 7 to nine hours a day
– do 30 minutes of activity of your choice
– choose the most natural food possible for our dishes
– moderate yourself at the table
– favor lean proteins and vegetables for lunch and dinner, and only afterwards carbohydrates from wholemeal or protein sources
– avoid dining too late

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