Supplements for cellulite: discover the most effective

Supplements for cellulite: discover the most effective

Supplements for cellulite: do they work? And which ones to choose? In this article we see the main cellulite supplements that we can find on the market , which ones are the most suitable for us and how to use them.
As we know, cellulite is an unpleasant imperfection mainly linked to blood circulation problems, and characterized by small swellings that aesthetically make the skin irregular. Cellulite is mainly a female problem (it is rarely present in men) and usually occurs on the thighs, buttocks or stomach, but there are cases of cellulite spread also on other parts of the body, for example on the arms. Cellulite can be caused by various factors such as genetic, hormonal, stress related or bad daily habits. Among the main causes of cellulite are the use of birth control pills, uncomfortable and tight clothing, shoes with high heels, smoking and consumption of alcohol or improper nutrition (industrial foods, excess sugar and salt, low consumption of fruit and vegetables ), Sedentary life. So the first step to fight cellulite is to review your diet and sedentary lifestyle, reduce or eliminate the consumption of alcohol and smoking, but also reduce stress and avoid high heels and compressed clothes. But if that’s not enough, let’s see the best cellulite supplements that can help us fight the problem.

Food supplements contain functional substances that are hardly consumed in the daily diet. But how to recognize a good supplement with all those on the market? Before buying a dietary supplement to combat cellulite, rather than relying on its brand and reputation (via TV or radio commercials) or its form (liquid, sachets or tablets), you need to check its ingredients . The cellulite supplements to be preferred they must be natural if possible and have an antioxidant, draining action and act on circulation. They must be able to counteract inflammation, reduce the oxidative stress that supports the degeneration of the dermis and free the cells from waste substances. In this way, not only unwanted accumulations are eliminated from the body, but further stagnation is prevented, improving the microcirculation and the appearance of the orange peel skin, obtaining a smoother and more uniform skin.  The 3 main properties that we must pay attention to when buying cellulite supplements are the following.

Antioxidants: Antioxidant  substances reduce the damage caused by free radicals, responsible for aging and loss of skin tone. Among the main natural antioxidants, for example, there are green tea (with draining and antioxidant properties), and grape seeds.
Draining:  With a draining substance it is possible to expel unwanted accumulations that cause cellulite from the body. Some elements that carry out a draining action and therefore promote the elimination of toxic substances for the body are potassium, sweet clover, birch, pineapple stem and green tea as previously mentioned.
Circulation and microcirculation: The substances that act on the microcirculation are essential to fight cellulite. Among these we find centella, sweet clover, red vine and rusco.

It is important to remember that anti-cellulite supplements are not recommended in pregnancy and breastfeeding and in subjects taking, for example, drugs for heart problems, diuretics, anticoagulants, steroid drugs and immunosuppressive drugs. This is why you should always inform your doctor before taking supplements.

Ingredients of supplements for cellulite: this is what to aim for
It is very important to buy a food supplement with natural components , possibly avoid capsules with artificial additives and dyes and prefer simple tablets based on dry plant extracts . Here I individually suggest the most effective ingredients of anti-cellulite supplements.

seeds Grape seeds are excellent antioxidants, counteract free radicals and have resveratrol and collagen, elements that perform an anti-aging action. Since among the main causes of cellulite there is a sedentary lifestyle that favors blood stagnation and microcirculation problems, grape seeds can be a valid natural remedy ideal for countering it and fighting it completely. The seeds are rich in polyphenols, including resveratrol which can promote blood circulation and thin the blood.

Centella is mainly used to counteract unpleasant problems such as tired, heavy legs, venous insufficiency, cellulite and stretch marks. Centella leaves are rich in flavonoids, mineral salts, tannins, triterpenes and antioxidants, all of which are able to reactivate the lymphatic microcirculation and improve cellular exchange, thus freeing the tissues from toxins and impurities.

Sweet clover Sweet
clover is a plant rich in coumarin flavonoids, tannins and glycosides, exactly a concentrate of anti-cellulite active ingredients. The most active substance present is melilotoside, which reactivates the lymphatic system (draining) and the venous circulation. Sweet clover is especially recommended for those who suffer from low blood pressure or who follow a weight loss diet, due to its ability to deflate without acting with a diuretic action. Sweet clover is an inflammatory and for this reason it can be another reason to use it to fight cellulite. This plant acts on venous circulation, improving quality and stimulating blood flow.

Green tea
Among the best known oxidants, green tea is an excellent remedy to fight free radicals and prevent aging, counteract and eliminate cellulite and water retention. The catechins, caffeine and flavonoids contained in green tea are able to carry out a draining action, eliminate fats and reactivate the metabolism. In addition, green tea contains manganese (an important mineral for the health and regeneration of connective tissues). Green tea is an excellent remedy to combat water retention and cellulite and is used in low-calorie diets for weight loss. Furthermore, green tea contributes to the control of blood sugars, useful for avoiding hormonal imbalances which are often the cause of the appearance of imperfections.

Pineapple stalk
The pineapple stem is known for its anti-inflammatory, antidematous (anti-edema) and anticoagulant action, all useful properties in the treatment of cellulite. The properties of the pineapple stem are associated with bromelain. Bromelain promotes the digestion of proteins, acts positively against inflammation and frees the body from excess fluids. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme complex widely used to combat cellulite, it has beneficial properties including: anti-inflammatory and draining able to counteract heavy and swollen legs and orange peel skin. It reduces the inflammation of the tissues affected by cellulite and dissolves the edema caused by the stagnation of liquids. The pineapple stem is one of the components par excellence that cannot be missing in a good anti-cellulite supplement.

In this link you can find some examples of effective cellulite supplements , both for topical use and, as we have seen, for food. My advice for specific cellulite supplements to take orally goes to products such as CellDrena tablets or Microcirculation tablets .

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