Cleanse the liver after the holidays according to the nutritionist

Cleanse the liver after the holidays according to the nutritionist

The Epiphany takes away all the holidays, and as for Easter and for all the other terrible holidays, at the end of the fair (of the holidays in this case) the days of food revelry have us a little upset . On the one hand we are bloated, and we tend to want more sugar and sweets than before, on the other hand we do not digest anything, we feel fatigued. Our gut and liver got a big hit from the amount of sugar and fat ingested during the holidays. For this it is necessary to remedy, and purifying the liver after the holidays is the first way to restart the metabolism and deflate.
But how to cleanse the liver after the holidays? Nutritionist Simona Santini explains it to us,which in this article offers us some ideas to detoxify after binges.

Clean up the pantry and therefore your table: no to alcohol, reduction of sweets, sugars and sweetened products, cold cuts and fatty cheeses, refined flours and red meats, packaged foods.
Instead, we prefer legumes, white meats, blue fish, grains (so no flour for a while), fruit and vegetables, raw extra virgin olive oil for the dressings.
The key foods to consume to purify the liver after the holidays are artichokes, chicory, dandelions, citrus fruits, garlic, beets, kale and broccoli, spinach and wild herbs, citrus fruits, apples, pineapples, walnuts, turmeric, carrots, avocado.
Green tea, African red tea, teas of dandelion, milk thistle, fennel, peppermint and rosemary lend a hand to the liver and intestine “tested” by the large eaten. This is the right time to hire them.

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