Characteristics of the sign of Sagittarius

Characteristics of the sign of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a sign of fire and light: we discover its characteristics in work, love and health.

Characteristics of the sign of Sagittarius

Those born between November 23 and December 21 belong to Sagittarius : the symbol of the sign is a centaur, half man and half horse.

This dual nature sees in Sagittarius people the presence of two aspects: one material and one more spiritual , sometimes in conflict, others in balance between instinct and inner soul.

In ancient Greece the wise and respected figure of Chiron the centaur was known to whom the children of the same gods and heroes were left to be educated and instructed.

A cultured and educated figure who was able to transfer high ideals and practical knowledge to these children.

Hence the dual nature of the sign that oscillates on the one hand on more material pleasures and on the other hand seeks a more spiritual aspect and higher goals in one’s life.

They tend to live with their heads in the clouds, always ready for adventure , in search of the new and, a positive aspect, is their ability to get up and start again after a defeat.

On the other hand , they lack discipline and concentration, so we could say that they can be  very distracted people despite having a very active mind.

They have a cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic character and have faith in the world and in the future of what is to come.

They are also generous and very direct in saying things.

They love new things and their life is full of sudden twists and turns.

They follow intuition and choose to be independent.

They love to talk a lot but are not as good at listening to others, but this is compensated for by their good humor which still makes them pleasant as friends and companions.


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Sagittarius and work

Sagittarius sees work as an opportunity to be seen and appreciated by others, which they do well after all.

His desire to do, his innovative ideas, his intuitions make the way to make a career easier than other signs.

The negative points are its inconstancy and lack of concentration that sometimes just row against this determination.

The desire for adventure can lead Sagittarius to work where you travel a lot and live abroad as a journalist, interpreter or pilot, but also work in the restaurant business as a cook and tourist entertainer.

Another aspect of Sagittarius is to be very attracted to the philosophy and knowledge of human nature.


Sagittarius and love

T he Sagittarius , having this drive for change and adventure, usually if he marries he does it several times or prefers to remain alone.

His contradictions and his search for the new leads him not to stop and marriage is almost a prison for him.

Love is lived with passion and a sense of unlimited adventure . When they find someone who intrigues them, they want to find out everything about this person and they want to experience every pleasure and every possibility in love.

They can’t be with a jealous and possessive partner because they don’t want chains even in love .


Sagittarius and health

Sagittarius tends to be in good health especially because they love to play sports and keep active.

This charge of energy, exuberance and joy combined with the desire to train keeps the body healthier but constancy is not a strong point of the sign so physical problems can arise anyway.

The organ that more than others represents the weak point of Sagittarius is the liver , this also because Sagittarius loves good food and sometimes overdoes with food. The liver and spleen are the first to suffer from excesses.

These excesses at the table can lead those born under the sign of Sagittarius to have some weight problems.

In these cases the best advice is to be followed by a dietician to maintain a balanced diet that preserves physical well-being.


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