Rolfing massage: technique, benefits and contraindications

Rolfing massage: technique, benefits and contraindications

The Rolfing massage acts on psychophysical release and is excellent against osteoarthritis, back pain and anxiety . Let’s find out better.

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Rolfing massage


The Rolfing massage technique

The Rolfing method was developed by Ida Rolf and is a technique that addresses the human being in its holistic totality. The technique works in depth on the connective tissue , composed of fascias, septa, ligaments and tendons. During her research, Dr. Rolf sensed that the structure of a body could improve thanks to the plasticity of the connective tissues and their ability to respond to the energy applied in terms of pressure, heat, movement.

On the official Italian Rolfing website you will find a geo-localized map with information on the presence of Rolfers on the national territory. The Italian Rolfing Association (AIR) was officially established on July 3, 1990 as a non-profit association and regulated by the statute and the ethical regulation.

The seat 

Each session lasts about an hour and is based on a theme that is personalized for each individual. The Rolfer dedicates time to a preliminary interview with the client and observes the person’s body in an upright position and moving in space to “read” its main characteristics. The Rolfer works on muscle and emotional release . Through a precise and lively touch, the Rolfer acts on the restrictions and motor patterns that force our fabric into permanent tension .  

Generally, the session takes place with the client lying on a bed and ends with the client standing to evaluate any changes that have occurred during the session. Through the touch, the search for a more efficient motor coordination and the refinement of self perception , the Rolfer aims to favor the psychophysical integration of the client.

Once the cycle of ten basic sessions has been completed and an appropriate period of time has elapsed to allow the changes to settle, it is possible to deepen the path taken by receiving short cycles of post-10 sessions. Another activity that integrates well with and favors the incorporation of ROLFING is ROLFING MOVEMENT .

Benefits and contraindications of the Rolfing massage

Excellent in cases of arthrosis , back pain, neck and joint pain in general, to reduce stress , improve posture and to optimize athletic and artistic performance . The action of the sessions on the states of anxiety and on the problems related to insomnia is also excellent .

You have to find a Rolfer with whom to tune in, this is of fundamental importance, otherwise the session risks having null or counterproductive effects. Report any bone and joint problems right away.



The book “Rolfing” written by Ida Rolf herself is published in Italy by Edizioni Mediterranee. Rolf began with her knowledge as a biochemist and initially applied them in the chemotherapy ward. Here you will find a video in which Ida Rolf explains the technique  with concrete explanations on the one-to-one interaction between muscles and the action of gravity.

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