Characteristics of the sign of Cancer, a lunar sign

Characteristics of the sign of Cancer, a lunar sign

Cancer is the sign of femininity, the Moon, the mother and sensitivity. Let’s discover the characteristics of this water sign and its aspects related to time, family and love.

Characteristics of the sign of Cancer, a lunar sign

The sign of Cancer runs from June 22nd to July 22nd and for people born under this constellation we have a strong influence of the moon that rules the sign.

Furthermore , Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac and is a symbol of the female aspect, especially in its maternal aspect in fact they have a great drive to create, to bring into the world not only in the sense of forming a family and giving birth to children but also ideas, projects and big dreams.

The sign of Cancer is represented among the metals by the silver that shines like lunar rays. In addition, his colors are white and blue, while he loves the scent of orange blossom and the parts of the body connected to him and most sensitive to health are the stomach and the central part of the chest.

Temperament of the sign of Cancer

Cancer people are very sensitive and their temperament is similar to the fresh water of a stream that moves quickly, often changing direction and making continuous gurgles and eddies.

Intuitive, joyful, emotional, lively, irrational but also fickle and tending to the extremeization of feelings. They are also people of great intuition and full of empathy for others, they act more of instinct than of reason.

Their watchword is “feel” in fact they perceive and assimilate everything that happens.
Cancer is a profound sign precisely in this feeling of emotions that leads him to avoid conflict contexts .

People born under the sign of Cancer are shy just like their symbol which is a crab , which prefers to hide in the rocks rather than being found or fighting for its ideas. However, if he is really forced to do so, he knows how to defend himself and is not so tender.

The sensitivity of Cancer, however, leads to look within, to have intuitions and a strong inner introspection, but often the strong emotions that are contacted rise up between tears of joy or sadness.

It frequently happens that these people are unintentionally hurt by other people who do not feel his sensitivity and are less tactful in saying or doing things about him.

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Cancer and memory

Cancer people are very tied to memories because in their life they perceive everything and record by storing every single detail in their memory. From the environment they feel the atmosphere, the scent, the temperature, the emotions of the people and, with them, also all the gestures and words that follow one another.

All of these inputs form a strong source of memory that the Cancer sign draws on throughout the day.

It is difficult for Cancer to let go of the past and through memories, what is too difficult to deal with escapes the present. They put on an armor to defend themselves from the world and from people, thus trying to live in their own shell full of memories and feelings.

Sometimes this aspect takes another path that follows his imagination and the desire to create so he is pushed to think and dream about tomorrow and the future instead of living in the present.

Cancer and family

For Cancer people, starting a family and having children is much more important than a career and life as a couple. They are excellent parents and in general the Cancer woman tends to be a mother even with her partner, taking care of them and with a strong protective instinct.

The sign of Cancer is in fact connected to the home , to the family and to the emotions that are linked to the manifestation of care and affection for one’s family and friends.
Cancer tends to show itself fragile and insecure so even in love it is passed as extremely in need of affection and gestures of attention.

With this sentimental attitude he is inclined to go back to being a child and throw tantrums, to be short-tempered and even touchy. On the other hand, he is also sweet and caring, always ready to listen to your loved one.

Cancer men are romantic and know how to understand the female gender well, showering it with kindness and attention. When he is in love, the Cancer man declares it fearlessly and experiences emotions to the full.

So also the Cancer woman is tender and sweet, she tries to form a family that protects, cares and helps to grow with empathy.

Sometimes, however, the Cancer woman also needs to change , to travel and maybe go out with some old friend to bask a bit in tales of the past spent together.

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