Mouth ulcers, how to prevent them

Mouth ulcers, how to prevent them

Balanced diet, daily movement to relieve the accumulated stress, healthy life and some other small precautions: this is how mouth ulcers can be prevented.

Mouth ulcers, how to prevent them

Preventing canker sores is better than treating them!

First of all, to prevent mouth ulcers you need to regulate yourself : balance your diet , therefore the vitamin and mineral intake, but also avoid harmful accumulations of stress. To prevent canker sores, it is important to supplement your diet with iron, especially learning small food tricks for those who follow a vegetarian diet, folic acid and vitamin B12, as well as increasing the intake of the very important vitamin C.

Do not let the same take over is the second point: relieving tension with a daily walk, even to go to work, can be a winning weapon; as well as practicing your favorite sport at least once a week. Mouth ulcers go hand in hand with smoking and alcohol, so avoid them or limit their use. 

Furthermore, oral hygiene must always be the good habit that accompanies you to the bathroom in the evening and morning: brush your teeth well, but not too vigorously or aggressively, so as not to damage the gums; do a deeper cleaning of the teeth once in a while; use natural toothpastes and non-aggressive products. 

Behind the canker sores, especially the more persistent ones, other factors can also be hidden : autoimmune diseases, hormonal dysfunctions or delicate periods such as adolescence, allergies, intolerances or imbalances in metabolism, intestinal disorders. It is always a good idea to ask the doctor’s opinion to possibly carry out more in-depth analyzes . Read also How to promote the absorption of iron in a vegetarian diet >>

What are mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are those annoying lesions, which begin to develop as small and millimetric cuts or ulcers of a circular shape with a red halo around it, often with a whitish part; they affect the oral mucosa, lips, cheeks and tongue, but can also develop at the root of the gums .

Mouth ulcers cause pain, which, if treated well, is relieved within a few days.

Among the natural remedies for the sweet cure of canker sores there are: tea tree oil, aloe vera, propolis, salt or bicarbonate and finally garlic. 


What the canker sores say about you

Aphthae speak about you: their occurrence could be a symptom of a particularly stressful period at work or sentimental level , or they can indicate that you are not eating well . We should therefore run for cover first of all trying to restore peace within oneself, re-centering with respect to the world.

Secondly, increase the intake of all those foods that are particularly rich in iron , but also in zinc , folic acid and vitamin B12 .

Vitamin C helps to fix iron, so it is also extremely important: green light for juices, colorful fruits and vegetables, such as peppers, kiwis, broccoli, tomatoes or strawberries, which contain it. Do not forget the importance of the contribution of vitamin D and precious probiotics , which can also be taken through yogurt.

Be careful because you could also suffer from aphthous stomatitis if the canker sores continue to recur . However, the advice is to rely on a doctor or specialist and not to underestimate the problem, especially if it recurs

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