Painful menstrual cycle, symptoms and remedies

Painful menstrual cycle, symptoms and remedies

The menstrual cycle for many women is a painful monthly appointment, often disabling for the first few days. There are some natural remedies that can help regulate hormone management and reduce asthma.

Painful menstrual cycle, symptoms and remedies

We women know it, every month we change, we renew ourselves, we follow the lunar flows and it is not always a pleasant walk.

Indeed, some women experience their menstrual cycle with discomfort, with pain and spasms. What is the reason for this phenomenon called dysmenorrhea ?

Symptoms and Causes of Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea occurs for the first days of the cycle with sharp cramps and spasms that are often associated with muscle contractions that even prevent walking or maintaining correct posture.

It affects young women with greater incidence, while in adulthood a similar symptomatology can become suspicious , in any case a medical consultation is recommended to verify if there are pathological causes.

Cramps and spasms may be accompanied by back pain, nausea, headache, dizziness, breast tenderness, which resolve after the first two or three days, in the case of primary dysmenorrhea , which does not identify a specific cause to attribute period pains.

In the case of secondary dysmenorrhea there are triggering conditions such as endometriosis , adenomyosis , neoplasms , and pains accompany the entire cycle of menstruation.

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Remedies for Dysmenorrhea

There are various useful remedies to soothe painful symptoms. First of all , the heat is of great comfort both for spasms and for cramps and muscular tensions that involve the whole area, including the lumbar area. We can use the classic hot water bottle or an electric heater.

In the herbal field, there are ad hoc preparations and remedies to reduce painful symptoms:

Black Cohosh : it is a remedy rich in salicylic acid , polyphenols and phytosterols useful for calming pain and rebalancing estrogenic activity . Black cohosh has a relaxing and analgesic action on uterine smooth muscles. It is also useful in menopause due to its ability to suppress luteinizing hormone and thus sedate hot flashes, mood swings.

Chaste tree : is a remedy rich in iridoid glycosides, flavonoids and terpenes. Chaste tree has the ability to regulate the ovulatory system, estrogen / progesterone ratios, relieving symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It is indicated in case of endometriosis, which causes pain during the cycle.

Rubus Idaeus : is the raspberry in bud extract and acts on a hormonal level in the communication between pituitary and ovaries. It is able to reduce the pain of the menstrual cycle, but it must be taken as a preventative measure, therefore with constant cycles before the beginning of the cycle, particularly indicated also in case of premenstrual syndrome.

Angelica Sinensis : is the female ginseng that acts on the estrogen / progesterone balance and in addition has a spasmolytic action to relieve cramps and pain often due to endometriosis. However , Angelica should not be taken by those who suffer from heavy periods as it could further increase the flow.

Magnesium: this mineral should be taken regularly when you are aware you have dysmenorrhea. Helps to quell muscle contractions, acts on uterine and intestinal spasms and regulates the autonomic sphere.

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