Caffeine powder, young dies from a smoothie

Caffeine powder, young dies from a smoothie

A 22-year-old Australian boy passed away after drinking a protein shake to which he added a teaspoon of powdered caffeine. Caffeine powder is a substance found in many fat-burning or thermogenic supplements, and is also taken on its own to lose weight.

Unlike coffee or tea, however, powdered caffeine is pure, and contains caffeine at much higher concentrations than a few coffees a day .

Young Lachlan Foote allegedly passed away on New Year ‘s Eve last year, just hours before celebrating his 22nd birthday. On facebook the same night after drinking the smoothie he admitted feeling sick. He initially said that perhaps the bitter-tasting protein powders used were out of date.

Only today Lachlan’s family, who found the boy’s body in the bathroom, unconscious and frozen on January 1, discovered thanks to the legal expertise that it was not the protein powder that caused the death of their son.


In fact, the coroner spoke of death from caffeine toxicity.
After celebrating the end of the year, in fact, Lachlan would have returned home and would have drunk a protein shake with the addition of a heaping teaspoon of powdered caffeine: a lethal dose, the coroner said after the examination, which corresponded about 50 coffees ingested at one time. His physique obviously didn’t hold up.


As with the articles on the tragic deaths that occurred from the ingestion of supplements based on green tea extract , Dcomedieta chooses to share this story with you because caffeine powder is cheap and widely used both in supplements for weight loss and recommended by coaches. and fitness guru . Recently one of these in a newsletter recommended it to burn more calories.

It is therefore good to be aware of the dangers that ingesting large doses of caffeine can cause if you use these products. Death is risked within hours.

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