6 slimming smoothies to drink in the summer

6 slimming smoothies to drink in the summer

Summer, time for light and quick meals, which give us hydration without overdoing the calories. In this article we see 6 slimming smoothies to drink in the summer, for breakfast or as a substitute for lunch or dinner.

Some of these slimming smoothies can be prepared in advance without spoiling: they are the ones marked with an asterisk. All of them provide a maximum of 230 calories.

We can have one for breakfast if our goal is to hydrate and get more fresh fruit and natural foods; two, one for lunch and one for breakfast or one for breakfast and one for dinner (recommended) if we want to lose one kg per week.

We can make a free meal (the remaining one) based on lean meat or fish or skimmed dairy products ((cottage cheese, cottage cheese), free vegetables with 2 teaspoons of oil, 50 grams of toast or 130 grams of sweet corn or 130 grams of legumes of your choice in a jar or 40 grams of basmati rice.


  1. Creamy peach smoothie *. 100 grams of kiwi / orange + 100 grams of nectarine + 200 grams of 0% fat plain yogurt + a teaspoon of chia or flax seeds + tic or stevia sweetener + cinnamon or fresh mint.
  2. Creamy raw cocoa smoothie . 200 ml of organic, sugar-free almond milk + 10 grams of raw bitter cocoa + tic or stevia sweetener + half a frozen banana in pieces + 100 grams of skimmed quark or white skimmed Greek yogurt or creamy tofu.
  3. Regularizing cherry smoothie *. 150 gr of cherries + a teaspoon of oat germ or two teaspoons of oat flakes + 200 ml of soy or skim milk + a teaspoon of chia seeds + a teaspoon of honey.
  4. Creamy avocado smoothie. 100 grams of ripe avocado + 100 grams of skimmed Greek yogurt or 0% fat quark + a teaspoon of honey + 3 ice cubes.
  5. Tropical smoothie *. 100 grams of mango or papaya or 140 grams of cantaloupe + 100 grams of pineapple + sweetener of your choice + 150 grams of white delactosed skimmed Greek yogurt (Zymil) + a pinch of ginger powder.
  6. Hemp and peach smoothie. Half a ripe frozen banana + 100 grams of yellow peach + a teaspoon of hemp seeds + 200 grams of natural soy yogurt + a handful of fresh mint or spinach.

How to make slimming smoothies to drink in the summer.

Just blend all the ingredients in a blender and consume immediately. Those in an asterisk are perfect for planning meals: just shake them before drinking them and keep them in the fridge after preparation.

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