Bob Harper’s Super Carbohydrate Diet

Bob Harper’s Super Carbohydrate Diet

Bob Harper , former coach and star of The Biggest Loser program, made a huge turnaround on low carb diets: after having a heart attack (warning: he does not say it was caused by the diet), Harper would have revised his diet to reduce stress, “embracing” carbohydrates after years of very restrictive low carb diets. The result is the Super Carb Diet (my translation: the correct title is The Super Carb Diet), in which Harper clears the good carbohydrates, and instead bans the wrong ones. The good carbohydrates would be:fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and whole and quality baked goods (for example rye bread). The bad guys would be all the others, from sugar to refined flours to pasta, allowed only if wholemeal.

The Super Carbohydrate diet reduces fat in a little olive oil and a teaspoon of peanut butter or almonds, while the recommended proteins are lean ones: chicken, turkey, egg whites, Greek yogurt and tofu and legumes for vegetarians or vegans. No to fatty cheeses, nuts (few and in moderation), red meats, fatty dairy products.
This for at least 3 months. Many people found the plan extremely restrictive.  I’d say it’s a bit harper to not know half measures. Here is a typical day’s supercarbohydrate diet plan. 

Breakfast: egg white omelette with currants or raspberries and a slice of rye bread and a few slices of avocado or a teaspoon of peanut butter.
Lunch:  Roasted chicken breast with carrots, cauliflower, spinach and other vegetables stir-fried with a little oil.
Dinner: mixed salad of green salad and vegetables of your choice with a little oil, fish or meat or a vegan burger with a small wholemeal sandwich or a small potato or sweet potato as an alternative to bread. 
 a portion of skimmed Greek yogurt with half a teaspoon of organic almond butter.

As you can see, the Super Carbohydrate diet is actually low in carbohydrates to be called a carbohydrate diet – it is a moderate carb, but it is not a high carbohydrate diet as it is supposed to be. According to our Bob, all other carbohydrates “destroy our bodies”, so it is a long shot to say that he has given up on low carb diets, as the sources he cites are extremely limited. As with the other diets in her books, Harper advocates a very restrictive diet, and often demonizes entire categories of foods. Logical that you lose weight: this is a very low calorie diet plan!

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