Deflating foods to reduce the tummy

Deflating foods to reduce the tummy

Swollen belly: an uncomfortable problem, which can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, and an unregulated diet, for example rich in foods that cause intestinal fermentation or foods that are difficult to digest or still very dehydrated (such as cereals, crackers, breadsticks and other baked goods). In this article we will see which deflating foods to aim for to solve the problem of a swollen belly from evening to morning. Some of these deflating foods are the ones that I also use when I’ve eaten something that has made me bloated, I’m waiting for my period, or I’m very stressed.

1) Banana or oranges: a medium-ripe banana, tangerines or oranges are the fruit to be preferred if you suffer from swelling of the belly, because they are rich in potassium. Those who tolerate them can also try sweet potatoes.
2) Fennel and ginger seeds: fennel seeds have a soothing action, they are truly a panacea for a swollen belly. But if we have digested badly, I recommend them in combination with fresh ginger and a handful of mint leaves, in decoction. Success guaranteed.
3) Citrus fruits: citrus juice is particularly important for boosting our digestion, moreover the vitamin C contained in them helps in a special way to fight the swelling that anticipates the female cycle.
4) Greek or goat yogurt: they have a reduced lactose content, and, in their whole variant, are to be preferred over sweets and treats whose high sugar load worsens intestinal swelling, provided you choose natural, white products. and not sweetened. It also works as a stress reliever.
5) Cucumber: a nice cucumber salad, perhaps with the addition of raw fennel cut very finely, taking care to remove the seeds of the first and season everything with plenty of olive oil. Here is the salad that guarantees you a deflating effect for the next day.
6) Paprika and chilli:not recommended if you suffer from irritable colon, they are perfect for chronic reducing intestinal swelling phenomena, because they increase our enzymatic capacity and therefore improve digestion in the long run thanks to capsaicin.

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