The Fruit Flush 3-Day Fruit Diet

The Fruit Flush 3-Day Fruit Diet

It is called “Fruit Flush” and is a fruit diet of only 3 days useful as an intestinal detoxification diet and conceived by Jay Robb, famous coach and clinical nutritionist, who says he saved his life after understanding the importance of regulating the glycaemia in nutrition, and the role that vegetables play in individual well-being. In this regard, Robb would have developed detox plans of a few days to do every now and then, especially to lose from one to 3 kilos caused by stress and moments of binge eating: a diet of fruit, vegetables and protein shakes are the basis. of these detox plans.

The most famous is the “Fruit Flush” 3-day fruit diet: it is not a diet in which only fruit is consumed, mind you. It is not monothematic. It is a diet that on the first day involves the consumption of protein shakes, vegetables and lean meats: on the second and third days you eat a lot of fruit, raw vegetables and protein shakes are reduced to just one. Although the portions of fruit are numerous on the second and third days, there is no excess of fruit and sugars (in particular fructose): this is because the diet excludes any other type of simple sugar and the portions are numerous but moderate.
Here is the “Fruit Flush” fruit diet plan and product recommendations for you to experiment with.

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