Bioenergetic holistic massage, what is it

Bioenergetic holistic massage, what is it

Bioenergetics uses different techniques to unblock emotions which, by creating armor in the body, cause physical and psychological discomfort. The holistic bioenergetic massage is one of the most effective tools to rebalance emotional, physical and mental states.

Bioenergetic holistic massage, what is it

Bioenergetics: from the body to emotions

Bioenergetics is a type of body psychotherapy invented in the 1950s by Alexander Lowen .

The principles of bioenergetics hypothesize how we can act through the body to remove certain blocks and solve emotional problems .

Bioenergetics is therefore a technique that acts mainly on the physical plane, to make changes on the other planes of being : the emotional one, first of all, and then, as a link, also on the mental plane.

Bioenergetic techniques include special breathing exercises, postures and manipulations, accompanied by verbal expressions and massages.

Each technique acts on one or more body segments, identified as armor that does not allow the free flow of energy within the body . Each block is located on a body segment to which a narrow and precise range of behaviors and emotions is connected .

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